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Pluralist´s =P2 (Russia, China) and Solidarist´s =P3 (USA, Great Britain, France).The main players or the political power´s in the case of Syria are currently the USA and Russia, whose rivalry dates back to the time of the Soviet Union. In order that, other states are involved as either one or the other. USA is having a future background towards the Muslin world especially after the terrorist attacks, certainly  we can sense there is natural self interest. Russia after acknowledging them self what has happened in Libya, would not allow any action to intervene, that´s why they are trying to be more rational. According to Putin they have waited too long to just go Syria for a military intervention. Which is making at the UN council that Russia and China are not voting for using military forces in Syria. As well according to the articular the political power in case of Syria were pushed from two side´s the western such as France and UK  to stricter measure and financially funded by Russia and Iran. (Kolmášová, 2016). Additionally, to the political power factor´s we can see there is strong interest of power´s.SovereigntyIn the sovereignty toward Syria is not being respected, more less of the fact that Russia and China were supporters of the Assad regime, which constituted a fundamental threat to the adoption of the UNSC. Obama was the first one who propose for humanitarian intervention in Syria after they have used the chemical weapons and on 4 October 2011, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Germany submitted a draft resolution describing the situation in Syria. This proposal condemned the gross violation of human rights and reiterated the need to take responsibility for the people living in Syria.(Keeler, C. 2011).International SocietyDiplomacyDiplomacy in such a manner is being used from few perspective most active is USA. Supporting financially Assad but trying to reduce the capacity to kill and not using any military forces. “Short of direct military intervention, the U.S. should go to the fullest possible lengths to persuade Assad’s foreign backers to stop enabling him militarily, politically, and financially. This means using every form of diplomatic leverage with Russia, Iran, and Iraq. The U.S. can also deliver more serious military aid to the rebellion via our contacts in the Free Syrian Army.” (Fawaz Gerges,2016) However there has been a heavily pushed  on the diplomatic level considering the hight violence against human right in Syria, though it was not successful.(S/PV.7038,The Situation in the Middle East, 2013) Public international lawPublic international law with reference to the R2P concept, if the state fails to protect its inhabitants, the community has the right to deploy armed forces in the extreme case if all diplomatic options have been exhausted (Norooz, 2015).The situation in Syria thus fulfils all the prerequisites for using R2P from the outset, as the international investigative commission operating in Syria has stated that crimes are being committed against human rights violations, human rights violations and the principles of humanitarian law. As stated in the GCR2P, Syria has been deliberated as the priority to international law. (Kolmašová,2016)World SocietyHuman Rights AbusesHuman rights however, in the case of Syria, we have seen that non-military interventions have failed to receive the intended response from the Bashar al-Assad regime. Specifically, in 2011 the Syrian government refused to participate in an independent commission’s inquiry that sought to investigate claims of crimes against humanity, The use of chemical weapons can be evaluated as a serious crime, and therefore it is possible to assume the eligibility of the R2P concept.”It has been reported that more than 100,000 people have been killed, that 1.7 million people have been registered as refugees, and that chemical weapons were used in the Ghouta area of Damascus”(United Nations Mission to Investigate Allegations of the Use of Chemical Weapons in the Syrian Arab Republic; Hurd; Martin; British Broadcasting Company)LegitimacySyrian government forces used aircraft, tanks, heavy artillery, and cassette bombs which is miss using the legitimacy of the state.The target of attack was anyone who allegedly supported the party of the rebels. Further, regarding the Legitimacy in the case of Syria there were many Resolution ´s especially after uses of the chemical weapon where, lose of live was  1400. UN  was trying to push on Syrian government to protect their own citizens, to not cost any more crime on human factor. By year´s passing not enough the mountainous of violence against humanity but as well massive increase of terrorism and general issue with increasing Islamic state. Attempts of missions has failed, there was no any solid action taken by NATO or state toward to the regime, compare to Libya.(Kolmašová, 2016). 

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