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– Ø  The
government here is divided in to 3 streams, namely “executives, judicial, and
legislative”. Ø  In
1986 the country adopted democratic process was streamlined and the president
was vested with maximum power Ø  South
Korea’s maintain diplomatic relations with more than 188 countries.  Ø  The
president is the chairman of all the committees, which makes it very easy to
co-ordinate and run the whole system. Ø  The
military continues to wield considerable powerØ  The
countries have also been a member of the united nation since 1991. Economical:
– Ø  It
is Asia’s 4th largest economy, world’s 15th (in terms of GDP) & 12th (in
terms of PPP) economy. Ø  The
economy is export-driven, with production focusing on electronics, automobiles,
ships, machinery, petrochemicals and robotics. Ø  It
has liberated its capital markets and other sector for foregin investments and
also to build up harmonious relations with other countries. Ø  South
Korea has well developed transportation network system, which includes ferry
service, bullet trains, smart highways, bus routes air & cruise services
that crisscross the country.   SOCIAL ANALYSISØ  The
wages are generally higher than other neighboring countries and the force is
well educated and technically qualified in south Korea. Ø  South
Korea’s literacy rate is one of the highest in the world. Ø  The country’s
presently is being faced with “low fertility rate”, which also stands as a
significant challenge as the present population is ageing rapidly. Ø  The nation
accustomed with highly educated and this workforce is paid with “high wages”. Ø  Rapid
urbanization has been taking place in the country post 1990’s, which led to the
exponential growth of the economy and raised the living standards of the
population.Ø  Despite
this huge development and constantly changing scenarios the government spending
on social welfare is comparatively low; this situation should improve so that
it can handle any future problems in a more mature and responsible way.Technological:
– Ø  South
Korea is the world’s 5th largest nuclear power producer and the 2nd
largest in Asian continentØ  It
is developing “nuclear energy”, as a main future export industry. Ø  In
terms of communications and internet facilities south Korea is the most wired
country in the worldØ  It
also made huge technological advancements in medical field and thus attracting medical
tourists from around the world and is expected to reach $2 Billion market by
the year 2022.Legal AnalysisØ  South
Korea drew its judiciary system from German & U.S. court systems and one
important feature is that, “the juries are not present during trials”. Ø  The
country within a short span of time has achieved the status of “developed”
economy, and is backed up with necessary legal and regulatory institutions
which maintain the law and order of the country. Since 1996, it has been a part
of Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development (OECD) nations. Environmental AnalysisØ  The
urban areas are increasing day by day so, the government is promoting
environmental education in schools and business communities. Ø  The
government is now developing the formation of “national eco parks”.Ø  Green belts and emission restrictions have markedly improved
Seoul’s air quality. In reality, the deterring air quality of south korea is
mainly due to dust blown from expanding deserts in China.Ø  South Korean government launched its
“1st Seoul Metropolitan Air Quality Control Master Plan” for period
extending from 2005 to 2014, this plan was introduced in 2005.  Later the
continuation plan was expanded for a time frame of 2015 to 2024. 

Ø  In 2010, Seoul invested $8.2 billion into a 2,500 MW wind farm.
the government pledged over $1.9 billion to create six clean energy-related

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