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Population has changed a lot in the past 200 years. In Texas in the 1900’s the population was3,055,000 and it has increased a lot since then. Now the population in Texas is 27.86 million this population change has affected agriculture in many ways such as … The number of farms has decreased majorly in 1940 there was 420,000 farming areas and now 77 years later there are only 241,500. That may still sound like a big number but with a population thats constantly Increasing it can become a huge problem. With all of the new technology there are some good things that come along with farming. There are more advanced tools used for farming which can make farming faster and easier. Farming practices have changed also the way we plow crops has changed we used to use our hands and now we have tractors and machines to do that for us. There is also modified housing for animals , and now there is better technology to let us do farming with less people. Research has been done to know what the perfect sheltersare for the animals. For dairy cows they typically live in barns that have soft mattresses , sand beds, or water beds. There are also special nutritionists to feed the cows special dietsthey need to perform better. They also do the same for pigs , and ever since they have a certain disease called “trichinosis” has decreased by a lot. Seed technology has gotten a lot better due to new technology always coming out , seeds used to get destroyed by weather but now farmers know how to keep the seeds safe and to keep them good for longer times. In the United States the population has increased a lot since 1900 too , in the 1900’s the population in the U.S was 76,212,168 and now the population is 323.1 million. With that big of a population increase a lot of things change obviously. In 2007 there were 2.2 million farms covering an area of 922 million acres. That is about 418 acres per farm. Agriculture occurs in all states its easier to farm on flat land , and arable land which is in the middle of the United States. The U.S was a big leader in seed improvement and in expanding the uses for crops. Federal programs that helped with soil and water conservation , that provides technical assistance provides funding to farmers who want to implement practices to conserve 

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