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Portfolio Investment Analysis & Risk Diversification:
Evidence from Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)


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Portfolio can be defined as a
collection of asset like Shares, Debentures, Bonds and Preference Shares etc. The
main objective of portfolio is to maximize portfolio return and to minimize the
portfolio risk through diversification simultaneously. And Portfolio management
is the management of various financial assets, which comprise the portfolio. In
this report 5 companies from 5 individual sectors will be chosen. It will
explain how portfolio helps to minimize the risk in investment by giving
optimum return to a given amount of risk. It will also show the effect of investing
in single security as well as investing in more than one security i.e.



Primary Objective:

The primary objective if this
report is to analysis portfolio investment of various sectors through choosing
particular company from each sector also to provide a brief idea about risk
diversification through this.

Secondary objective:

Calculating the
stock return of selected companies.

Calculating the
risk of selected companies.

investment performance of chosen companies in terms of risk and return.

To calculate the return
& risk of different portfolios where portfolios are designed through the
combination of various companies.

To create
an ideal portfolio that will consist the best securities which will
gain highest possible returns and will also minimize the risk.

To help the
investors to decide the effective portfolio of securities.

To evidently
defining the overall portfolio selection process.

To understand the
effect of diversification of investment

Ratio Analysis

Recommending further
suggestion for improvised performance


Methodology of the studies

Nature of the study:

To meet the research purpose both
the Descriptive and Exploratory Research best suited

to this study. The purpose of this
report is to find the risk & return of different stocks of selected companies
traded in Dhaka Stock Exchange. For this individual as well as portfolio
scenario has been calculated. Thus, to meet the purpose, descriptive as well as
exploratory research is best suited and will be adopted.

Types & Sources of Data:

Secondary data will be used to complete
this report. Most of the data will be collected from website of Dhaka Stock Exchange
(DSE), annual report of selected companies.


Other sources of data are:

work of individual


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