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Prezi 2 Part 4 Main Character study book by Suzanne Collins, Sophi LarsonMain Characters:Katniss Everdeen: Katniss is the main character. She a teenage protagonist and is much, much more wiser than her age suggests. She grew up in the poorest part of district 12 called the seam. After her father died in a mining accident, her mother fell into terrible depression. She became the main caretaker of her family. Hunting in the woods for extra food, buying things on the black market, and even volunteering herself for her sister so she won’t die in the hunger games. Since she sacrificed herself, that led to her becoming the Mockingjay. She is focused on being the Mockingjay so much, that she gets overly confused on her feelings for Peeta and Gale Haworth. She is a dynamic character. She learned many new things and used them to help her win the war.Gale Haworth:Gale is Katniss’s best friend, and one of her love interests. Gale has loved Katniss for a long time. But as the rebellion develops, his ways become more violent. With Beetee Gale creates new weapons, which helps in the killing of Prim who happens to be Katniss’s little sister. Katniss can never forgive him for this, after the rebellion Gale moves to district 2 for a job. Gale is static he learned new things but did not change overall. He was full of anger and hate throughout the book.Minor Characters:Plutarch Heavensbee:Plutarch Heavensbee used to be the Head Gamemaker for the Hunger Games. After the war, he became the Secretary for Communications below the new President Paylor. Plutarch is a dynamic character. He used to work for the capitol and believe in them and their ways, now he works with the rebels and believes in their ways and tactics. Commander Paylor:Commander Paylor is from district 8. She was the leader for rebellion, her district was the first to rebel. Beside district 13. Katniss thinks of her as a good person who is mentally, and physically tough.  Paylor is dependable and valued by the rebels. After two other presidents die, Paylor became the President and ruler of Panem. She is a static character. Paylor has always been good at handling war. She has always thought the Capitol is terrible and that what they are doing needs to stop.

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