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to being enlisted as Thor: Ragnarok in the Avengers sequels, Chris Hemsworth, an
Australian actor born
on August 11 1983, was known for playing Kim Hyde in the long running
Australian TV series called Home and Away. In 2011 he was picked by the Marvel
Cinematic Universe popularly called MCU where he has paid homage up to today.
Since then, he has been one of the Marvel’s most popular actors alongside
others such as Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man. Although his contractual engagement
as Thor is coming to an end with Avenger 4, Chris Hemsworth’s acting career is
not yet over despite saying that his departure from Marvel “it’s sort of a
scary thought’ he will surely re-up and re-invent himself.

What’s the Future for the Character Thor?

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There myriads of speculations that Thor might be re-invented
and be played by someone else, or the exit of Chris Hemsworth will mark the end.
However, we should not rush to make conclusions that Chris Hemsworth is going
away from Marvel. Earlier, we have seen the face of Robert Downey of the Iron
Man long after his contract ended. Many questions are still unanswered, like
why is he promoting the Avenger 4.

Speculations by Cinema Analysts

With the close of filming of most of the Marvel films, it is
obvious that MCU will only concentrate on it’s now most popular films- the
Avengers. This means that the company may be compelled to recall Hemsworth,
Downey Jr and all other MCU actors you may imagine to back for Avengers: Infinity
War and its future sequels.

It is also being said that, it is not Marvel that is
eliminating Chris Hemsworth, it’s him who wants out; maybe he has his own

There are reports from other quarters that Chris Hemsworth
is keenly talking to the Ragnarok director Taika Waititi about a fourth movie.
Could this be a sign that he’s ready to go it alone without being a subject to
the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The future will tell

On the other side of the coin, some people are doubtful of
the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe. They say that Marvel’s President Kevin
might be thinking of eating the cake without thinking about the
ingredients-meaning enjoying the success of the company without considering
those who helped him build it.

Other Factors that might have edged out Thor

Maybe Chris Hemsworth is
now too expensive for Marvel Cinematic Universe hence he’s eating too much
on the company’s profitsThe raise of stiffer
competitors whose future is brighter than that of Marvel. Technology has
given millions of people free access to movies thus profits have been cut
greatlyBeing an astute
businessman, Marvel’s President Kevin, might be thinking of diversifying
to other businesses. Film may not be as profitable as beforeMaybe the company sees
future changes in government policies such as taxes and other production
costs, competition climate and shift in audience taste.


For starters, we must all agree
that everything that has a start must have an end. So, if the end of the Thor
has come, let be it. Something else will come up to satisfy the abandoned fans,
and maybe it will be better. Secondly, we need not cry over spilled milk or
sulk about where and what will Chris Hemsworth will do. Honestly, he had a life
before; he will find his way to the future

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