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Production, transportation and
misuse of the energy has had a great impact on our environment and ecosystems.

Energy in this case has had negative impact on the environment. How so? It has
affected out environment through different ecological disasters such as
spilling of the oil, acid rains and radioactive emission. Thus, these events
create indirect effects like global warming. Energy is vital for human growth
socially and economically. In labs for instance, the change of pressure and
temperature requires large amounts of energy. Methods and techniques are needed
to decrease the horrible consequences from energy production.

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The first thing to know in this
case are the sources. In current times fossil fuels which include coal, oil and
natural gas, and the used radioactive fuel from nuclear power plants. These
plants create a huge amount of nuclear waste in the environment. How these
sources affect the environment? First, fossil fuels are only harmful when
combusting. They release large quantities of carbon dioxide. And second,
radioactive plants release radioactive waste and they affect the structure and
organization of organisms.

Energy is important in the
processes of chemistry and engineering. Buy currently energy is becoming the
main target of green chemistry in energy production, consumption, storage and
distribution. Green chemistry addresses the application of the 6th of the 12
principles of green chemistry. The 6th principles states that energy
production, consumption, storage, and distribution has to take into account the
environmental and economic impacts as they should be minimized. In other words,
the design for energy efficiency. This includes the usage of synthetic methods
in ambient temperature and pressure.

One the designs may be the creation
of green electrons. Green electrons have the same reducing power as the old
ones. They undergo the same laws of physics and have same chemistry. The unique
characteristic is that they are able to change or reduce the addiction to the
usage of fossil fuels as an energy source and help transition our lifestyle to
a more carbon-sober future. They
are integrated in current renewable energies such as solar, wind, hydro or

Heating up requires energy and
getting results requires energy. There another process after getting results
that also requires large amounts of energy, separation. This is where the Green
Chemistry principle #5 comes in, the use of safer solvents and auxiliaries.

Some of these solvents need large amounts of energy and are costly to

All of the principles in green chemistry
play an important role to improve the conditions and restoration of the
environment. If you take your time to read each principle you’ll notice that
some way or another it has to do with the previous or next principle.

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