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Programme Structure

MBA Business Analytics Program is six trimester duration. The credits shall be
earned by course-work as well as by completing the Master’s Thesis. The courses
in trimester comprise management courses, analytics foundations (statistics, mathematics
and economics) courses, cutting age technologies & tools for analytics and
languages for analytics like R and Python, the courses also encompass
descriptive, predictive, prescriptive, stochastic modelling and optimization
analytics.  The program includes applied
analytics courses covering important business domains like BFSI, Marketing, HR,
and technology enabler like Bigdata analytics, data mining, business data
management including distributed filing systems and NoSQL concepts.

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are required to be involved in research work as part of their Master thesis in
Sixth trimester. They are encouraged to write research papers for publication,
and to make presentation in seminars and conferences. The research/thesis work
shall culminate in a Dissertation to be submitted at the end of the sixth


Programme USP

full-time intensive master’s program with rigorous foundation courses on
statistical models and mathematical concepts.

unique master’s program, which covers, management courses, analytics foundation
courses, analytics tools & technologies and languages for analytics,
business analytics and applied analytics courses to make students significantly

talented pool of faculty and industry expert with excellent academic &
research credentials from premier institutions deliver the program.

experts with working experience across the Globe, enrich the delivery of the
program with extensive use of quality Case studies and simulations, workshops
and internships.

and industry aligned Course Content.

agnostic hands-on approach to teach courses on analytics, using cutting age technologies
and open source stack like R, Python, Hadoop ecosystems and NoSQL.

dissertation on different conceptual and applied areas of Business Analytics.

collaboration and Industry partnership with leading companies of different

based out of the state-of-the–art campus surrounded by lush green hills of the
Shivalik range, with excellent technology infrastructure.

added courses for professional Certification to improve eligibility for better
job profiles.

Programme Objectives

currently offers specialized MBA program on ‘Business Analytics’. The goal of
the teaching program is to help students learn business
analytics thoroughly and become industry ready. Alongside, in-depth coverage of
essential subjects have been included in the curriculum from finance, marketing
and digital marketing, human resources and operations & supply chain, so
that students are well equipped to apply the analytics knowledge in all
domains. In addition to the business and technical inputs, the program also
supports the development of communication and soft skills, which are essential
for todays’ managers.

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