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Latinos in the Unites States

15 December 2017

Borderlands: The History of U.S. and Mexico Relationship


Currently in 2017, the United States is under the Trump administration. Even whilst running for President, Donald Trump went out of his way to bash and insult minorities. Spreading rumors and inciting hate in the hearts of those who just needed a reason or who already had hate in their heart and just needed someone to direct it at. The current Commander and Chief has definitely spent a great amount of time with much of his smearing campaign directed at one nationality that makes up a good amount of the U.S. population. These people are those of Latin and Mexican descent. When the president speaks of these people in the way that he does, one would assume that they have spent a great deal of existence as a nation, trying to the harm the United States and the citizens that reside—with his focus mainly on the border that separates the two countries. With such a common enough belief, that Trump was elected President of the United States of America, one may find it best to dive deeper into the history of the relationship between the United States of America and Mexico.

In order to do this, multiple perspectives must be considered. Since the main argument seems to be of who is more deserving of the land based on who was here first, it is best to go back as far as possible. The research conducted is purposed to analyze the timelines of assimilation struggles throughout Mexico and America and see how the two countries interact with one another. This will in turn shed light on the effects these reigning powers have on its people—especially the indigenous people who have but so much say in the actions of the sovereign countries. Intentions will be exposed when light is shed on the driving forces and impositions of colonizers and imperialistic powers upon regions through international migration and property division. To truly analyze the tension behind the relationship between the United States and Mexico, it is best to reveal the history of the two countries—both individually and together, the troubles and decisions of the presiding governments and the decisions that were made on behalf of its citizens.

Mexico’s history goes back to about 1400 BCE with the Olmec Civilization. This civilization was centered in the Gulf of Mexico and was one of the first great Mesoamerican civilizations. The people flourished agriculturally from the fertile lands. The culture included organized religion involving priesthood and they even made pyramids. The civilization came to an end around 400 BCE and few others follow. There were the Mayans, the Toltec, Zapote, Mixtec, and then the Mayans again. The Mayans prospered in the Yucatan Peninsula for over a thousand years. When all the civilizations in between their rule took the reigning position, they never actually left. The Mayans are known for their innovative understanding in astrophysics and mathematics. They understood the concept of zero centuries before the Europeans did and developed the only fully functional writing system in the Pre-Columbian Americas. Their cities were well developed—housing schools, libraries, hospitals and even sporting arenas. What was really remarkable was their water system. The Mayans did not have lakes, rivers or natural springs to provide the fresh water that their people needed, and so they constructed a complex series of channels in order to redirect and store enough rain to maintain the population. Oddly enough, when the Spanish arrived, many of these great cities had been abandoned. Researchers are still not exactly sure what happened, but it seems likely that disease combined with drought and the manipulation of their environment led to the civilizations collapse. 

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