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Question 1:
Leadership is said to be a vital quality which is becoming very rare in the
organisations. It would not be wrong if we say that it is a progression where
an individual solicits the backing of other entities for the completion of
mutual objectives. The leaders are the visionaries and also act as a catalyst
in terms of influencing and inspiring others. Based on the above statements
discuss the significance of leadership in any organisation. Conclude by
answering that how the organisation would fare if leadership is not right?


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to Keith Davis, “Leadership is the
ability to convince others to look for characterized destinations
energetically. It is the human factor which ties a gathering together and spurs
it towards objectives.”

is the activity of driving representatives to accomplish objectives. It assumes
a vital part in worker execution and efficiency.

is a vital capacity of management which boosts effectiveness and to accomplish
Leadership objectives. The accompanying focuses legitimize the significance of
management in a worry.

action- Leader is a person who begins the work
by imparting the arrangements and plans to the subordinates from where the work
really begins.

A leader proves to assume a motivating force part in the worry’s working. He
propels the representatives with monetary and non-financial prizes and in this
manner gets the work from the subordinates.

guidance- A leader needs to manage as well as
assume a controlling part for the subordinates. Direction here means training
the subordinates the way they need to play out their work viably and

confidence- Confidence is an important factor
which can be accomplished through communicating the work endeavors to the
subordinates, clarifying them plainly their part and giving them rules to
accomplish the objectives successfully. It is additionally imperative to hear
the representatives concerning their dissensions and issues.

morale- Morale denotes willing co-operation of
the representatives towards their work and getting them into certainty and winning
their trust. A pioneer can be a resolve supporter by accomplishing full
co-operation so they perform with best of their capacities as they work to
accomplish objectives.

work environment- Management is completing things
from individuals. An effective workplace helps in sound and stable development.
Along these lines, human relations ought to be kept into mind by a pioneer. He
ought to have individual contacts with representatives and should tune in to
their issues and explain them. He should treat workers on helpful terms.

Co-ordination can be accomplished through accommodating individual interests
with hierarchical objectives. This synchronization can be accomplished through
legitimate and successful co-appointment which ought to be essential thought
process of a pioneer.

and management must go as an inseparable unit, however they are not a similar
thing. Leadership and management are correlative, yet it is critical to see how
they contrast.


and management are the terms that are frequently viewed as synonymous. It is
basic to comprehend that management is a basic piece of powerful management. As
a significant part of management, striking initiative conduct worries after
building a situation in which every last worker creates and exceeds
expectations. Leadership is characterized as the possibility to impact and
drive the collective endeavors towards the achievement of objectives. This
impact may start from formal sources, for example, that gave by procurement of
administrative position in an association.

is about vision and development, while management is about upkeep of fantastic
models. A pioneer enhances and a director management on the development. A
pioneer concentrates on people and moves them, a director concentrates on
frameworks and structure. A pioneer dependably has their eye coming soon, while
an management ought to watch all that really matters.

it is essential to know about the contrast amongst management and initiative
comprehend that a decent management is likewise a pioneer. In the info graphic
underneath we investigate the components that make a decent supervisor,
management being a rule highlight of good management.


decent pioneer can empower individuals to feel like they can impact how
rehearses in the work environment are done, prompting elevated levels of
occupation fulfillment and efficiency among the workforce


is the workmanship or procedure of impacting individuals to perform alloted
undertakings eagerly, proficiently and capability; without Leadership a
supervisor basically can’t be viable.


require solid initiative for ideal viability. Leadership, as we probably am
aware, is a quality which is both inbuilt and can be obtained too. Hierarchical
Leadership manages both human brain research and in addition master strategies.
Leadership management underscores on creating initiative aptitudes and
capacities that are pertinent over the associations. It implies the capability
of the people to confront the tough circumstances in the business and still
develop amid those circumstances. It unmistakably recognizes and recognizes the
pioneers from the managements. The pioneer ought to can possibly control the
gathering of people.

perfect hierarchical pioneer ought not to overwhelm over others. He should
manage the people under him, give them an ability to read a compass to
accomplish Leadership objectives effectively and should act mindfully. He ought
to be hopeful without a doubt. He ought to be compassionate and ought to
comprehend the need of the gathering individuals. A hierarchical pioneer ought
lead others exclusively as well as deal with the activities of the gathering.

Tips for Effective
Organizational Leadership

A leader must lead
himself, at exactly that point he can lead others. He should be conferred on
individual and expert front, and should be dependable. He should be a good
example for others and set a case for them.

A leader must lift up
the resolve of the employees. He ought to propel them well with the goal that
they are focused on the association. He ought to be very much familiar with
them, have worry for them and urge them to take activities. This will bring
about more productive and viable employees and guarantee organizational

A leader must fill in
as a group. He ought to dependably bolster his group and regard them. He ought
not to hurt any worker. A genuine pioneer ought not to be excessively bossy and
ought not to consider him as the preeminent Leadership. He ought to understand
that he is a piece of the organization all in all.

leadership includes every one of the procedures and conceivable outcomes that
prompt improvement and accomplishment of hierarchical objectives. It
incorporates workers’ contribution, validity, compelling tuning in and vital








Question 2:
Politics is said to be an inevitable evil at any workplace, no matter how much
one tries to be away from it, would always find to be embroiled in it. It is a
proven fact that politics cannot be avoided at any cost but has to be coped. It
becomes imperative to be well aware of the elements contributing to politics at
workplace. Keeping in view the above statements introduce the concept of
workplace politics. Also, list factors contributing to workplace politics. Give
concluding remarks on the importance of workplace politics.


politics is the process and behavior in human interactions including force and
Leadership. It is additionally an instrument to evaluate the operational limit
and to adjust differing perspectives of invested individuals. It is otherwise
called office politics issues and organizational governmental issues. Office
politics issues emerges when representatives tend to abuse their energy to
increase undue consideration and ubiquity at the work environment.

politics issues is indicated by the way the power is shared among individuals
in the association or working environment. It can likewise be characterized as
the way that influences the individual relationship among the general
population of same association. The two people and gatherings may include in
office politics issues.

Politics Becomes Inevitable:

1.      A
few people have more power than different workers for a similar association and
they impact through their order.

2.      Getting
advancement is most essential for few individuals that makes rivalry amongst
people and group goals.

3.      Choices
that will be taken are identified with both work and individual components.
This makes struggle in the working environment.

4.      To
fulfill the need and destinations, individuals concentrate excessively upon the

Factors of workplace

1. Ambiguous goals:
Ambiguous Goals are always mistaken for the conflict that is critical for the
workers on the association. It can’t accomplish the objectives that are
inadequate activities that incense on the opposite side. It prompts strife that
progressions circumstance obnoxious. Objective equivocalness has ineffectual
activities that direct the result of different assets.

2. Technology and
environment: Technology and environment assumes
an indispensable part in office governmental issues. The economy of individuals
is inclined to validity in which the association’s rationalistic inclination
influence the development of the association. It assumes a critical part in the
political structures. It is an objective setting phase of energy. It is cordial
with natural conditions in business exercises. The significance of the identity
with the aggregation of thought processes and interests is a trait of base
power. Execution in light of generation, aptitude or capacity as well as
predominantly on “winning” from an individual point of view not a
hierarchical one. Frequently work connections are disrupted and widespread
burnout happens because of the abnormal state of rivalry.

3. Scarce resource:
Scarce resource has the quest for greatest sharing of assets. It manages pessimism.
Despite the fact that the endeavor gives legitimate source to work, the
representatives will prattle about the association and its related request,
supply and the distribution of assets. Insufficient assets to go around and
everybody needs to get “their offer”. This frequently causes
double-crossing and control at different degrees.

4. Non programmed
decision: Non programmed decisions are the
insular decisions, are the deterrents to an association to accomplish its
objectives. At the point when uncalled for choices are made then the worker
makes an interpretation of energy into activities with respect to assessment of
a person. The strategic alternatives are the particular conditions which is
more successful than a typical recommendation or choice.

5. Organizational
change: Organizational change leads to
revolution inside the association. This quest for legislative issues closes
just when the association is revamped. It gives plentiful chances to the
general population while moving. At the point when revamping is done the
political conduct may change that includes certain conditions.

Importance of workplace

1. Distribution of
tasks: Office governmental issues empowers
one to share his/her undertakings to other low level Leadership. On the off
chance that the undertaking is conveyed regularly then he/she should think
about the exercises of others.

2. Motivation and
morale: Office legislative issues makes
profound quality among the representatives with the expanded assignment of
concerned Leadership. It propels the worker to work. It additionally builds the
certain level of the representatives.

3. Greater efficiency
and output: The representative will know about the
care, alert and a legitimate approach towards work. This thusly brings about
expanded effectiveness and yield.

4. Compromise:
The productive fragment of the overseeing association will include a lawful
response inside the framework. In the event that it is the situation, at that
point the overseeing Leadership needs to possibly damage the association’s

5. Debate:
When many individuals have diverse perspective and distinctive thoughts they
should consent to the scholarly dynamism. One can endeavor to get a legitimate
arrangement after the open deliberation.

6. Better coordination:
Better coordination is when different exercises and operations are set up
inside the association or outside. This outcomes in productive fruition of


7. Confidentiality:
Confidentiality is kept up without much cost and abundance of inconvenience.
One ought to endeavor hard to keep up the insider facts of governmental issues.

8. Entrusted
organization: Entrusted association implies the
broadening of exercises. It depends more on the new chiefs who gives new
chances to the workers. It additionally gives compelling and encouraged

Using the network:
Using the arrange includes correspondence inside the group and should attempt
to maintain a strategic distance from negative editorials. It advances the
capacity of group and encourages the colleagues to have an unmistakable thought
on the authoritative legislative issues. Here are couple of thoughts that an
individual must remember.

Ø  Gain
access to reports of the association.

Ø  Frame
the accomplishments.

Ø  Attract
the open doors where one can sparkle.

Ø  Improve
troublesome connections.

Ø  Clarifying
the routes with possess group.

Governing own
behaviors: One must endeavor to watch whether
he/she is turning out badly. It empowers them to distinguish the fruitful
conduct of other individuals inside a similar association. One must take after
the accompanying advances:

a.       One
must not include in things, for example, office tattles, judgments, bits of
gossip that are spread. These will never help in getting credits.

b.      Ascending
about the relational clashes.

c.       Continuously
stay proficient and act as per the association’s advantages.

d.      Abstain
from grumbling and discovering botches on others.

e.       Be
a model to one’s own particular group and dishearten legislative issues.










Question 3:
Sanjay and Sam are co-workers. They both are working in the same project but
their work values are quite contrast to each other. Sanjay belongs to GenX (The
X Generation) and relies a lot on the team-work as well as its (team’s)
upliftment, whereas Sam is from GenY (The Y Generation) or the Millennial and
for him self-reliance is more important. Though they share a great personal
rapport but they always find dissonance at work.

Explain the reason for their dissonance? It is natural to have such dissonance,
give concluding remarks for the same.


Festinger’s (1957)
cognitive dissonance theory suggests that we have an inner drive to hold all
our attitudes and beliefs in harmony and avoid disharmony (or dissonance).

to cognitive dissonance theory, there is a propensity for people to look for
consistency among their comprehensions (i.e., convictions, assessments). At the
point when there is an irregularity between mentalities or practices
(cacophony), something must change to kill the dissonance.

Dissonance is the sentiment awkward strain which originates from holding two
clashing contemplations in the brain in the meantime. Dissonance changes in
light of the significance of the subject to us, how much the noisy
contemplations strife, and our failure to defend and clarify away the conflict.

seriousness of cognitive dissonance will frequently lead us to transform either
of the clashing convictions or activities. To alleviate ourselves of the
strain, we will take one of three conceivable activities: change our conduct,
legitimize our conduct by changing the clashing perception, or legitimize our
conduct by including new cognitions.

of Cognitive Dissonance portrays a state of stress, or a sentiment inward
distress caused by clashing thoughts, qualities, convictions or practices.
Basically, this is where at least two restricting considerations are causing
mental uneasiness. People have an inward drive to keep up congruity between
states of mind, convictions and rehearses and when looked with an inner
conflict or those comprehensions, our characteristic response is to diminish or
dispense with it to forestall enthusiastic inconvenience. Hypothesis of
subjective discord offers three choices for decreasing anxiety: changing
demeanors or convictions, gaining new data (disharmony lessening procedure) and
diminishing the significance of discernments (inner thinking and avocation).


Ø  Dissonance
comes about when an individual must pick amongst states of mind and practices
that are conflicting.

Ø  Dissonance
can be dispensed with by decreasing the significance of the clashing
convictions, securing new convictions that change the adjust, or evacuating the
clashing state of mind or conduct.

Dissonance in the working environment is normal and a critical reason for worry
for experts working in hierarchical help capacities, for example, chance
administration and HR. In those capacities, individuals are here and there
presented to, or pressured towards enduring, supporting and executing
undertakings which are in profound clash with their feeling of good and bad,
preparing, morals, or individual esteems. Principal significance of those inner
arrangement of convictions should be underlined as in larger part of cases,
those are essential variables in charge of individuals picking those
occupations as a profession way. For a considerable lot of them, being
wellbeing, security and natural guides, coaches, medical attendants,
paramedics, or HR experts is significantly more than a calling, it is a
calling. At the point when looked with clashing convictions and rehearses and
the strain to endure them, those experts regularly encounter profound
individual disappointment, trouble and a condition of lasting pressure which
can bring about a scope of individual wellbeing impacts and in addition
ceaseless weaknesses to singular work execution.


















Introduce the value system of your generation. Discuss the rest of the
generations and their values?


term Millennials (Generation Y) generally alludes to the era of individuals
conceived between the early 1990s. A few people likewise incorporate youngsters
conceived in the early 2000s. 

Y values a decent work-life adjust carefully fit to suit their duties outside
the work-put. This includes leaving adequate chance to grow family connections
and appreciate time went through with friends and family. Work fulfillment is
surely a need to Millennials, and in no way, shape or form do they dismiss
winning cash, yet neither of those things is as imperative as building solid
and enduring associations with the general population that issue the most.

Millennials (Generation
Y) value system

regards to the working environment, Millennials are brimming with logical inconsistencies.
They are ravenous to climb the professional bureaucracy; nonetheless, they
additionally need to oppose diligent work. Further, they are occupied with
authority positions and hope to progress quickly in their professions however
frequently incline toward work turn to an additional time-requesting work
advancement. This further spurs them towards professions that offer work-life

Ø  Gen Y is all the more
innovatively adroit: Millennials, as they
are likewise named, have grown up with more innovation than some other era.
This gathering grew up with innovation and web-based social networking and has
a solid ability to work with and use the money of a learning based worldwide
economy. In the event that one stage or the most recent application doesn’t
work, they take a stab at something different until the point that they
discover an answer that addresses their issues.

Ø  Gen Y is more alright
with assorted ethnic gatherings: Gen Y’s day by
day utilization of email, messaging, and informal communities is required to
tail them to the working environment and has made Gen Y an amazingly social and
interconnected gathering. This implies they are not just happier with teaming
up with collaborators for all intents and purposes and face to face yet in addition
that their social communications aren’t bound by topography. They are
substantially more prone to be comfortable with assorted and far off gatherings
and societies.

Ø  Gen Y has constrained
tolerance with the norm: Members of Gen Y have
grown up being empowered by their folks not to fully trust the world. They have
figured out how to address for all intents and purposes everything and are once
in a while called “Era Why.” This gathering is continually searching
for better approaches to approach nothing new and isn’t happy with answers like
“Since that is the way it’s dependably been finished.”


Ø  Gen Y are the present
business pioneers: The business universe
without bounds will have a place with Gen Y, and organizations hoping to
prevail in that new world totally need to incorporate Gen Y in getting ready
for it. The speed with which the worldwide economy and business world are
changing can’t be exaggerated. Gen Y speaks to the best weapon accessible to
numerous associations as they progress into an inexorably worldwide condition
as this partner is best prepared and best embodies the qualities that
organizations should be fruitful in this evolving field. They can lead those
organizations’ changes to learning based, internationally focused associations.

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