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RationaleI have chosen to write a opinion column for a fashion magazine to put forward my views on how society judge women from their body type and acceptance for the body shape diversity. The opinion column also includes my opinions on the media’s portrayal of an ideal women. The task is based on part 2 which is mass media and communication. As a columnist I will inform the women about the outdated notions on body shape diversity and how they can make themselves feel more confident with their body type.Writing a opinion column brings out the scope of personal engagement as it gives the readers an opportunity to reflect upon the societal myths when it comes to the portrayal of an ideal women. I chose to write opinion column for a fashion magazine because, beauty and fashion has become popular among people nowadays. The target audience for this opinion column are women who are not confident about their body shape, the women who are inclined towards beauty and fashion ,and the men who have notion about an ideal women as being  slim, curvaceous and delicate. The body diversity largely is part of the popular culture therefore, the people reading this column will be able to relate to their own body shape and the way it is conceived by the society.The learning outcome demonstrated is, the way mass media uses language and images to persuade or inform people and the way it influences the ideology of the society.The opinion column appeals to the women who feel the need to have an ideal body shape through the conventions which includes my personal views,hard facts and strongly opinionated content.What’s NORMAL?With the minds firmly stuck in the past, what do we do with the body shape diversity.The society composed of men and women is diverse  in its own way. Each man is different and same goes for the woman. What makes a man and woman different is the body shape. The narrow-minded society makes women embarrassed of this difference that sets women and men apart. Being different, men and women possess different body shapes, and what makes women more conscious about their body shape is the media’s role in defining an ideal women and the judgemental society that has a tendency to accept a women from its body shape, often overlooking the qualities of a beautiful soul that raises the family with great respect and compassion. The “perfect body” as defined by our society claims that having a curvaceous body and supermodel looks lead to self-confidence, fit and healthy lifestyle, greater admiration, a romantic life partner , popularity and success. What goes unnoticed is the fact that body shape diversity makes each women beautiful in her own way and that is what an ideal women is called. The word ideal is wrongly used by the media when it shows super slim models on the cover pages or the advertisements and not models with diverse body shapes. The definition of “ideal woman” in my terms is a fit woman with any body shape. she may be a pear, an inverted triangle or rectangle but, that is not what should matter to the society. The size oppression discriminates women vulnerably and causes physical and mental deterioration just because media and the society has defined what is normal. No one else has the right to decide what is normal because each and every body shape is ideal in its on way. The body shape is not in hands of the women, there are factors such as lifestyle, cultural beliefs, environmental factors and inheritance that has all the power to give a women her body shape. According to me body shape diversity is normal. If you want normal think about body diversity, it will help empower women. Society’s message about the body diversity is quite detrimental to the emotions of the women. The so-called perfect woman is the one who is acceptable and others are considered worthless but, I feel women should remain out of the society’s mythical body shape which they consider as ideal. The size oppression is due to the body types of women that are far more diverse compared to the men. To avoid this one has to accept the way the body is shaped up and neglect the messages that requires women to meet certain standards to fit into the category of an ideal woman.In my opinion women should help themselves feel more confident by wearing outfits that go with their body shape. A “pear” can throw scarfs on bright tops and pull on the dark shades for bottoms , a rectangle can show away their curves with skirts and body hugging outfits , An inverted triangle can wear soft feminine textures to soften the shoulder line whereas an “hourglass” can flatter their high rise slim fit jeans. Choosing the right outfit helps the women to stay away from societal judgements. Secondly, the crash diets are not recommended as it is not a permanent solution for body shaping. Crash diets makes you malnourished and starving to death won’t let you flatter your body too. Have food in intervals to keep your diet balanced and body energetic because nobody wants to look pale. Exercise with great determination to make your body flexible. Stay healthy and fit to make yourself an ideal women. Above all learn to accept the way you are, not everyone is blessed with a body that is perfectly normal. Remember the fact that if women loves the way she is , nobody can stop her from flattering her body. According to me beauty lies in every women but, it fades the moment she stops accepting her body. Media is not a good option for you to define your body shape because it narrows the acceptance of the body shape diversity. Accept yourself  and others to make everyone feel confident, that is the key to success not how your body is shaped up. Spread the body shape diversity message to people around you and last nurture the natural body shape to flaunt and break the myths that surround around body shape diversity and acceptance. Always question the images that pops up in the T.V operas and nothing else can make you feel size oppressed. Your mantra for life should be ” get up,dress up and show up”.                                                                                                         

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