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Recognizing misinformation is no
easy task, in a world bombarded with miracle cures and quick fixes it is easy
to take what articles say and believe that they will change your life. However,
it is important that individuals are able to discern truth from the easily
believable information scattered over the internet. In order to be sure that
the information you are receiving is quality information you must learn how to
determine an articles validity, be informed on who is certified to give the
information, and ask yourself critical questions when evaluating the source.   

internet is full of all types of information, some credible, and some not so
trust worthy. A problem many individuals face today is searching for something
on the internet, finding a quick answer and believing it as absolute truth without
a second glance. This causes issues because it leads many people who use
internet sources such as Wikipedia to be misinformed due to public access capabilities
to make changes to information found on the site. Sources such as the Centers for
Disease control and the US Department of Agriculture are credible due to the
large amounts of reliable sources and research from scientific journals.
Important things to consider when attempting to determine the reliability of a
website is to search who wrote the article, when it was published, why it was
published and what the actual content of the article is. It is important that
individuals seeking information on the internet use common sense to discern if
the information you’ve accessed is credible. No matter how someone accesses
their nutritional information, it is important to know that the information is
coming from someone who is qualified to inform others on nutrition.

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if someone is qualified to inform others on nutrition is not as simple as it
may seem. Registered Dieticians and Registered Dietician Nutritionist have the education
necessary to give reliable nutrition information, care, and advice. RD’s have
an undergraduate degree in nutrition and other related subjects and must stay
continuously up to date with new research. While some states allow anyone to
take the title of RD, many states require a specific licensure or certification
to be allowed to practice. Register Dietician’s work in many diverse settings
and they can assume many different job positions; they develop products and
conduct research in the food industry as well as manage food service and
provide client care in hospitals. Registered Dieticians have a very diverse
potential and provide many services within communities to assist in making the
world healthier.

valid information from misinformation can be a difficult but it is certainly
possible if you know how to discern the validity of credentials. The internet
has made it increasingly simple for people to obtain fake credentials and
misleading degrees; therefore, asking for credentials allows you to be sure
that your information is reliable and helpful. Utilizing ones’ common sense
with drug and nutrition claims is key to being unscathed by the harmful advice
of unqualified internet nutritionists. When reading or hearing nutritional
information, you should always ask yourself if the source is qualified to speak
on nutrition and if the information is based on valid information.

conclusion, the internet is full of information and endless opportunities to gather
valid information, however it is also full of misleading and harmful facts that
the general public deems as truth. Being sure nutrition information is based on
research and the authors of the articles are reliable are a must in order to discern
reliability of a source. Asking the credentials of those who give you
information and not being fooled by the click bait that clutters your webpage
will help individuals stay happy and healthy as they search the internet for
nutrition and health information alike. 

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