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Reflection is an important human activity in which people recapture their experience, think about
it, mull over and evaluate it. It is this working with experience that is important in learning.
Today, I would like to share my experience that changed my nursing practice.

When I completed my nursing. I joined Fortis Hospital, Mohali. I was doing job in Critical care
Unit. I was working all days on night shifts. The most of patients, I was dealing with HIV,
Hepititis, Dementia etc.
There was one patient, who was 45 years old male. He was appeared to be dependable on staff.
He irritated the unit frequently. Sometimes, anybody didn’t get his direction, he could call the
staff with funny names and spit at staff and turned out to be physically forceful. In any case, I
would fear to go around him. He demanded drugs, cigarettes sometime. He was not my most
loved patient and it was honestly push to give care to him unbiasedly. I ignored him everytime.

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One night, I arrived at my work. As I was securing my stuff in my locker, one of the 3-11 medical caretakers came into the locker room and disclosed to me they were having an issue with this specific patient and would I be able to please come and help them. I recollect everything and took after the medical attendant into his room. There were 2 other staff individuals who were gowned, gloved, and covered attempting to expel sweat pants from this patient, who had been incontinent and ridiculous stool. His body was lifeless, and he was scarcely relaxing. I gowned up and moved to the other side of the bed to help with turning him over, so we could clean him, at the same time wondering what had happened.
As a caretaker on the opposite side of the bed moved him toward me, he was so powerless that I put my arm under his go to support it while facilitating his lower body over onto his side. He was so fatty. While my arm supported his head, he appeared to gaze at me with eyes that were half shut and then he took his last breath and he passed away.

My eyes promptly started to top off with tears. I realized that nursing is a humane and non-judgmental way. Right up until the present time, when I experience this, I recollect this as a experience rather than getting to be irritated. I treated with empathy.

In this experience, my main concern is that nurses should show positive behavior towards their clients. Nurses should not judge the patients by their rude behavior.
According to Andrew Koh, non-judgmental care is a professional obligation with clear ethical and legal implications for nurses. According to my perspective the nurse should need to know about the condition of the patient not just concentrate on medical illness also have need to recognize the behavior of client by asking some questions and check the response on daily basis. According to Harvey (2001) suggests decisions may be poor because the judgments on which they depend are inaccurate or because individuals combine different judgments inappropriately. The nurse may be using information that has no utility for the judgment in question (Cioffi 2002).
According to Terry E Hill’s search for studies on moral judgment in healthcare was largely disappointing, even within the literatures on empathy and caring. The literature on difficult clinical relationships is extensive, but moral judgment is at best a secondary focus in these studies. In this theory, the theorist states that how a physician and nurse should behave on the situation of patients. According to him, we care people by their age, gender, skin color, education, occupation, family status, social status, behavior etc. But, this is nurse’s responsibility to provide the care to all patients what matter that how patients behave.
In my case, I had done opposite to nursing theory. I and my other colleagues always ignored him by judging his behavior. According to nursing ethics, we should understand his mental condition along with medical condition.

So, after that experience in future for all of the nurses including me, our job is to treat patients widely inclusive with respect to their prosperity. I never understood the effect I could have on others life until the point that one day when I experienced. I realized this when his wife disclosed to me that he thought of me as his blessed messenger. He felt very blessed to me with the care I gave him and acknowledged how I upheld for his treatment. In future, I will try my best to understand the patient psychologically as well physically. This experience totally changed my point of view related to nursing practice. So, be your patient’s lifeline. We are so much to them.
In my clinical experience, I learned that nurses should provide care to patient by empathy. Patients are already sick then sometime they could behave rude but we should understand their situation and we should not ignore them. We should provide holistic care to the patients


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