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Rehahn is a photographer who lives in Hoi An, Vietnam. He was born on May
4, 1979. Born in Normandy, France, Rehahn has traveled to more than 32 countries
prior to chooses his home in Vietnam in 2011. Rehahn’s photography was famous for
his portraits taken in Vietnam, India, and Cuba. Rehahn works really hard when
photographing his models that he is often referred to the photographer that
“photographs the souls of his models.”

As Rehahn has been working on capturing the heritage of 54 Vietnam tribes
since 2011, Rehahn has built relationships with these tribes in order to understand
their way of life and recognize their heritage worldwide. As Rehahn sees Vietnam
through his lens, he captured more than 50,000 photos the first time traveling there.
While traveling, Rehahn witnessed not only the rich culture and diversity of these
groups but also the heritage. For example, traditional costumes, dialects, certain
foods, etc. Sadly, these aspects of their heritage are slowly disappearing, but Rehahn
still strongly respects and is exceptionally fascinated by their culture.

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Rehahn publishes for National Geographic, as he is known as one of the most
featured photographers of the last four years. As Rohahn is featured in multiple
magazines and has become very popular, he has been interviewed more than 500

times. By having more than 419,000 friends on Facebook, Rehahn’s page is
considered very popular and one of the most dynamic pages according to facebook.
On January 21, 2017, Rehahn opened the Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum
filled with five interesting years of work capturing and documenting the tribes. This
space contains more than 200 portraits of Rehahn’s work.

Rehahn published a book called “The Giving Back Project” as he supports
many of the children’s educations that he’s captured. The book is aimed by Rehahn
to make most of his subject’s living conditions better. For example, Rehahn offered a
woman a new rowing boat to fulfill her wishes of being able to continue touring people
around her home. According to Rehahn, “photographers are nothing without the
people in their photos” and he wishes to inspire other photographers with his works.

Even though Rehahn captures amazing photographs of his subjects in
Vietnam, Rehahn also has a big heart as he tries to become familiar with and support
the different cultures in the world.

This photo is meaningful because it
shows how comforting and not scary a giant animal could be to such a young girl.

The photo seems also very hard to take and is very good quality

I like this photo because of the colorful
wal. The photo also expresses their way of life because the man is carrying water or

some sort of materials in his buckets.

I like this photo because it shows all different
people making the same expression but with different color paints on their fingers.

The paint colors might express their personalities and show different things about
their culture. The quality of the photo is also very good.

I like this photo because it shows a
women wearing a rice hat and we normally do not wear them in the states. The photo

also expresses the beautiful flowers and water of Vietnam.

This photo of the little girls covering
their mouths is interesting because it is taken from a worm’s eye view. The photo also

enhances the different colors of their clothing. 

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