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on Rise AND FALL OF NOKIA Prepared forPresidentShani CheemaCompany PKC Prepared byUsman GhaniMarketing Manager  Computer
Department! University of Engineering and Technology Taxila January
20, 2018

      20-Jan-2018TO:           Shani Cheema,
President of PKC CompanyFROM:     Usman Ghani, Marketing ManagerSUBJECT:  Decline of Nokia
and how can we improve.  As
a market manager of this company I want to discuss some important issues of
decline of Nokia, what are the reasons behind the destruction of Nokia
reputation? When it started its journey towards decaying? Why we Nokia need to
be upgraded? How it can be upgraded?As
you are a head of this company, you will give me better suggestions about this,
and I will share my ideas with you, so we can reach to a good solution. If you
remember many people have already tried to solve this problem, they have done
many researches, but no proper solution was derived. I wish at the end of our
discussion, we will be able to reach a solution by your co-operation.Thank you
for giving me an opportunity for discussion. I hope this discussion will be
helpful. I am
sending you detailed report which illustrate every aspect about the downfallof our company. I request
you to read this report and consider my suggestions for the betterment of our

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 Contents:v     Abstraction: 4v     Introduction: 4v     Famous History of Nokia: 4v     Nokia’s Became Laggard in
SmartPhone Market 4v     Nokia’s Marketing Strategy: 5v     Lack of Value Proposition: 5v     Conclusion: 5v     Bibliography: 6 

Abstraction:            This report is actually
written to the president of Company PKC, Shani Cheema. He has authority to sort
out this problem. The main purpose of this report is to analyze the problems
which are responsible for decline of Nokia. The 14-year lead in mobile industry
is not a small thing, but Nokia’s lead downfall occurs due to some reasons. The
main reason was that CEO of Nokia make wrong deal with Windows. Know, we have
to find out the solutions to grow up Nokia. This can be done if we don’t
underestimate the modern requirements, and heir good programmers to keep an eye
on different software which lead Nokia to this position. Ø Introduction:               Back in 1990, there was only the big brand, the NOKIA not
Samsung not Apple was nothing else. People used to talk about the mobile model,
be it the 3210 or whatever, because Nokia dominated back then, but Apple Android
came and badly affected NOKIA, which caused Nokia to fall. Let’s visit the
story of Nokia now.Ø Famous History of Nokia:
In 1948, Nokia brought the first mobile phone to
the market and was about 5 kg. Nokia could be used inside and outside the car
called Mobira Oy, and then 3 years later Nokia launched its first compact
phone. This is the first hand-held mobile phone, although people weighing 500
gr and 5446 dollars, but people like caramel. It was a difficult time for
Nokia’s earnings to decline significantly after the iconic Nokia Handsets
period, and KARI KAIROMO committed suicide because of the company’s first
stressful situation. Later, the new leaders divided the company into various
pieces.            Nokia
successfully leaded 14 years in the mobile Industry. But gradually it become
downgraded for some specific reason in past few years. How smart phones become
more famous and played role in the collapse of Nokia Popularity.Ø Nokia’s Became Laggard in SmartPhone Market:In 2007, about
half of the phones were sold by Nokia handsets. These guys absolutely dominate.
Less than 10% of all mobile phones sold are smartphones, but even in such a
growth-oriented Nokia-based Symbian system. But one thing happened in 2007, we
really cannot blame Nokia. Nut work, Steve Jobs, makes this super-long
smartphone even without a keyboard iPhone. Not only that, it’s so easy to buy
apps that people can actually buy, which makes smartphones so much useful.
Worse yet, Google has decided to adopt Android with all of the world’s
smartphone makers, which will mimic the iPhone. They do not care if making money, so they
provide free software. What will Nokia do? It is far more difficult to change
existing software like Symbian than a relatively new one that Google uses
completely on Android. And because Nokia has such advantages in hardware and
software, they cannot give up.Ø Nokia’s Marketing Strategy:The strategy of
Nokia was not only good, but sort of ideal at that time. But Nokia’s marketing
announcements are everywhere. Lack of consistency ensures that people do not
know what Nokia products are better than others. Their marketing will not work
until you understand the message marketing needs to offer. Everything they do
now is almost random messages to see that things will change in the future.
However, when marketing is uneven like Nokia, TV ads will only erase your
marketing budget. You need to sync your messages to get them to work. You can focus on marketing in a better way, if
you have a vivid idea of ??your value proposition. Everything in between can
turn around the main ideas that make the biggest difference for your target
customers. That’s all, it’s an effective marketing strategy. This ensures that
users understand that it is the best time to get them. No more or less. Use
value marketing in marketing.Ø Lack of Value Proposition: However, value proposition and marketing
strategy are excellent examples that you will not be able to see. And if you do
not know how to focus on marketing, you are not likely to work. You should know
what your value proposition is. In short, it explains why your products and
services are the best choice for your target customers.To attract the people that they specifically
buy your product, you must have definite value proposition. They must have some
reason to pay attention to your product. IPhones are often considered the most
prestigious, and if you have a Mac, there are many reasons to choose an Apple
Family Member. Samsung’s Android phones are often regarded as the most
versatile and protect the idea of being more user-friendly than iPhones.Nokia phones didn’t have anything special. Now
they were trying to create the idea of powerful phone cameras. But its too
late. There seems to be almost nothing that makes them better than their
opponents. But just like every other society on the planet is different and
better for them. Even architects can have open-value proposals
that distinguish them from their competitors and are the best choice for their
target customers. And the only thing they can use to distinguish their services
is to feel their style. Speaking of smartphones, it should not be too difficult
to create a convincing value proposition. Nokia did not.Ø Conclusion:            We know that there was a time when
Nokia was the outstanding brand. Then they made some mistakes. Not really
understood the need of time. Meanwhile, IPhone appeared in the market and has stolen
most of the users of Nokia. Then Samsung android phone has stolen the rest of
the users. They made their agreement with Microsoft but that gone in vein. Now
they decided to join the most popular smartphone operating system “Android OS”
and try their best to prevail the whole smartphones industry.  Ø Bibliography:          ·       
Santosh Das.(2018).Hardware Information.
Available at     ·       
Himanshu.(2015).A brief look at Nokia’s
History. Available at ·       
James Surowiecki.(2013).Where Nokia Went Wrong.
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