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Research ethics is important in our research and it requires that we as the researchers always protect the dignity of our participants and bring out the best information on our topic.

The information concerning this research will be provided and it will be made understandable to the participants who will be given time to take in the information and ask questions if there will be any for further clarification.

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The issue of confidentiality and anonymity is closed connected with the rights of beneficence, respect for the dignity and fidelity. If we as the researchers are not able to promise anonymity to our participants then we have to address confidentiality which is managing the private information by us the researches in order to protect the identity of the subject.

We the researchers who interact with the participants, have the role to explain the purpose of the study and the benefits that will arise from the study. In this case, the benefits should not be overdone nor understated. The beneficence of the study can only be seen after examining the benefits of the study. The purpose of ethics in our research is to avoid bias.

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