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Restricted Freedom

Stop Talking about Racism…it will go away. Stop talking about Inequality and equal Rights…it will go away. Stop pulling the race card…it will go away. Stop talking about Police brutality…it will go away. Stop talking about the past…it will go away. Just stop talking about all of it… Until it happens to you and someone you love or know…then you want everyone to talk about it…Someone to stand up for you…It shouldn’t be the only thing you talk about, but yeah Let’s talk.
We must teach our children about history here in America. They have no idea of the struggle of their ancestors. They don’t understand why it is not okay to refer to themselves and each other as niggers. They don’t know about the Civil Rights struggle and the many who died for the cause. Our shame over slavery will destroy us. Nothing can be changed or healed if it is not faced, so let’s backtrack in time.. In the United States, the Black Codes were laws (Jim Crow) passed by states in 1865 and 1866, after the Civil War. These laws had the intent and effect of restricting African Americans’ freedom, and compelling them to work inIn a labor economy based on low wages or debt. Black Codes were a part of a larger pattern of whites trying to suppress the new freedom of emancipated African American slaves, the freedmen. Slavery was hardly over inIn 1865, because it was difficult to accept.
The thirteenth amendment never abolished slavery, nor did it ever intend to as it was written. There’s a loophole in the thirteenth amendment big enough to sail the USS Abraham Lincoln through sideways. Most people in lynching photos were black farmers. Understanding the systems implemented in the past will help people understand the results of those systems today. Black migration to major cities, leaving the farm industry was a direct result of sharecropping and policing in rural America. It has just been repackaged and is more systematic so that it seems to be in sync with laws, policies, or regulations. Low paying skilled jobs, job criteria requirements, or even the difficulties of anyone discourage the African American race from reaching their goals, and this is sometimes why history repeats itself with our children. This is why it is necessary for the black race to seek every opportunity there is to offer when it comes to education and knowledge, because this is key in order to play. Play by the rules and beat the oppressorwhite man at his own game. Although African Americans were on the rise from succumbing slavery, paving ways for education, and breaking through many barriers there werewas still the issue of white mankind accepting equality. This new awakening of freedom rolled out the carpet for the Civil Rights.

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Movements which involved protests and the emerging of key leaders during the movement. While it may have seemed like much progress was being made to become a desegregated nation, there were 99 government representatives signing a document called the Southern Manifesto that “declared their intent byto use all lawful means to re-establishreestablish legal segregation.” In Little Rock, Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus stayed hell bent on the idea of desegregation, he ordered the schools be closed to keep blacks from enrolling along with President Eisenhower’s support. (pg. 804)Six year old Ruby Bridges, one of the first African Americans to enroll in an all white school was ridiculed and harassed by the white community, and her father’sfathers employer father fired him as a result of Ruby attending the school. Imagine being retaliated against for doing absolutely nothing wrong except for taking part in the same opportunities of an education as a white child. The same government who on one hand says that equality among all men must exist is the same government who held that double-edged sword with deceitful intent. Even when using Non-violent strategy protests, many were still beaten down in the streets and jailed. Joan Mulholland, an American civil rights activist and a Rider, who is rarely spoken of took part in sit-ins, being the first white to integrate Tougaloo College in Mississippi risked her relationship with her rich family, education at Duke, and her life to participate in the the civil rights movement.
Although there were many figures who represented the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a key figure who led massive march’s and peaceful protests during this time. These civil rights activists didn’t wait on a President or government. They came together and made a point even if it meant going to jail. People from all walks of life were moved and lifted by his speeches of unity and desegregation including President John F. Kennedy who gave his support by passing a strong civil rights bill to end segregation and protect black voters. (pg.810) In an effort to draw support in the south, John F. Kennedy was assassinated one month later in Dallas, Tx. The civil rights bill didn’t get passed until later in 1964, almost a year after Kennedy’s death. As the movement continued, there were several programs that were formed under the New Deal such as programs in education; food stamps; Medicare and Medicaid; and low-income housing. Although these programs were designed to help the poor, it’s baffling how many African Americans do not yet realize that this is how our government wants to keep us as second-class citizens on government assistance programs. They cage black men like animals; using commissary and drugs to push homosexuality in prisons after jailing men for years of senseless crimes. All a part of population control.
Even now law enforcement is killing young black men left and right feeling entitled over blacks because they have a badge. Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old black teenager was followed and shot by neighborhood watchman for simply walking home. He was just walking home. ” In

In 2018, this dream must be revived and restored. Do not let the enemy to continue to push you backwards! As we sit and watch this current generation completely destroy what so many people suffered and died for us to achieve, we are becoming our own worst enemy. True, these events happened along time ago, but don’t really differ that much from today if you think about it. The oppressor just got smarter and more tactful on how to keep the black man from rising. It’s your responsibility to teach your children about their history and ancestors, not delete it by telling them to get over it while young black men continue to die in the streets. Prior to desegregation, blacks were their own teachers. Everyone knew each other, and bad news made it home before they did. Those were the days when teachers would look you in the eye and say, “I know your father, and I also know he raised you better than that.” Being free means coming together as a nation and not being classified by race, gender, age, or income.

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