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Review of the scenario

The elderly patient arrived with his middle age Son. The Son complaint
saying that his father is forgetful. Thus, the Son wants the father to be moved
into a nursing home instead of living in his own house. However, when we spoke
to the patient his says that his son wants his money and so that is the reason
why the Son wants the Father to be moved out, so that he is able to get the
money. In the meanwhile, when examining the patient there was multiple bruises
on the patient’s upper arm, which looks like someone had grabbed him. However,
the elderly said that it was by a Friend grabbing the arm while walking in the
park. Lastly, when mental examination results arrived it shows that the
patients is within the normal limits.

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Ethical dilemma

The ethical dilemma here is whether should I consider what the Son says and
make arrangement for him to come to the facility for on his own house or should
I prioritise my patient’s decision. There is also another dilemma whether
should believe my patient on the

reason for the bruising or Is he being abused by his son got the money.
However I must respect both their side of story and make best decision with the
involvement of both the son and my patient.


Gather pertinent data

Elderly abuse can be described as any action by a person in a position of
trust, which puts the health or well-being of an elderly person at risk. There
is average of 200 reported cases of elder abuse in a year. There were cases of
neglect, which is when a caregiver fails to provide even basic care such as
food. But the most common type of abuse has been physical violence and neglect.
Elder abuse is the most under-reported type of domestic
abuse worldwide, with its victims and witnesses often remaining quiet. World Health
Organization reckons that for every each revealed case in 2016, 23 others went



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