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Right To RefuseYou have the right to refuse to work if you believe that:the workplace presents a danger to youthe use or operation of a machine or equipment present a danger to you or to another employeethe performance of an activity composes a danger to you or to another employee.However, in order for you to be protected by the Code when exercising your right to refuse to do dangerous work, you must follow the proper procedure. Duties of employeesUnder the Canada Labour Code, an employee must:use all safety materials, equipment, devices, and clothing that are given by the employer and are intended to protect employeesfollow procedures relating to health and safety of employeesfollow all instructions provided by the employer about health and safety Work with any person carrying out a job or function required by the Codereport to the employer anything that is hazardous to those in the workplacereport to the employer all accidents, occupational diseases, or other hazardous occurrences that have caused injuryFollow every oral or written instruction given by a health and safety officer or an appeals officerrespond in writing to a health and safety officer’s direction or report when requested to do so by the health and safety officer Statistics Fatalities in Ontario in Workplace This is a graph of fatalities in ontario workplaces by age, purple represents workers aged 15-24, green being 25-54, and red being 55+. In 2016, injuries and disorders continued to be the leading injury with  91.7% of the lost-time claims and 93.9 % of the disabling injury claims. The three most common injuries and disorders in 2016 were: sprains/strain other traumatic injuries and disorders; fractures and dislocations. The two primary sources of disabling injuries were persons, plants, animal and minerals (28.9 per cent), and structures and surfaces (17.4 per cent). These two sources also had the highest lost-time claims for 30.6 % and 19.8% Estimated person-years for Alberta increased in two major sectors: Agriculture and Forestry Provincial and Municipal Government, Education and Health Services.The disabling injury rate increased for the following three sectors: Agriculture and Forestry Business, Personal and Professional ServicesProvincial and Municipal Government, Education and Health Services.

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