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Robotics and artificial intelligence are expected to reach their ‘tipping points’ over the next decade. Digitalization and service automation are already visible in the tourism sector, raising questions on their wider impact on the industry and the holiday-experience per se. Numerous application examples and cases of those technologies across the entire holiday value-chain are outlined and their diffusion drivers are discussed. Apart from providing a typology for R-tourism applications, this paper makes a strong case for the incorporation of this interdisciplinary area into mainstream tourism research.
Key words: tourism, service, robotics, automation J.E.L. Classification: L83, D73

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Quality House Deployment (QFD) can be defined as a structured approach with a set of tools & processes used by organizations to effectively capture customer requirements and convert them to detailed specifications to produce the product which satisfy those requirements. In other terms, QFD is used to translate the Voice of Customer(VoC) – the stated and unstated wants and needs of the customer into measurable design and manufacture targets.
QFD which is also referred as Matrix Product Planning, Decision Matrices or Customer-Driven Engineering was first developed in Japan in 1960’s. It was introduced to US in 1980’s and it gained popularity within a brief period of time because of its success in automotive industry.

What is House of Quality?
House of Quality (HoQ) is a tool used in the process of QFD. It is the initial matrix used to convert customer requirements into technical descriptors of product or service designing
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Identifying Relationship Types

High profile security breaches are leading to heightened organizational security concerns. Firms around the world are now observing the consequences of security breaches that are becoming more widespread and more advanced. Due to this, firms are ready to identify vulnerabilities in their applications and mitigate the risks.
Two ways to go about this are static application security testing (SAST) and dynamic application security testing (DAST). These application security testing methodologies are used to find the security vulnerabilities that make your organization’s applications susceptible to attack.
The two methodologies approach applications very differently. They are most effective at different phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and find different types of vulnerabilities. For example, SAST detects critical vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and buffer overflow earlier in the SDLC. DAST, on the other hand, uses an outside-in penetration testing approach to identify security vulnerabilities while web applications are running.

/VIP_Customer holds 0..* as on the assumption made by me considering that one staff member can serve many Actor/VIP_Customer at a time.

? Performance and Payment – 1..1 on Performance, 1..* on Payment
When it comes to theatrical plays, each actor get paid separately depending on their involvement. As a result, one performance can have many payments recorded under separate performer_ids. So the Payment holds a multiplicity constraint of 1..*

? Concert and Band – 1..* on Concert, 1..1 on Band
Actor and Play – 1..* on Actor, 1..* on Play
A band can perform at several concerts while a concert will have one band performing at a time.
An actor can act in several plays while a play can have many actors.

? Staff and Venue – 1..* on Staff, 0..* on Venue
There can be staff members who does not work at head office (managers, maintenance crew etc.) rather than working at a venue. Furthermore, a staff member can work at one or more venues.

Identifying Attributes and Primary Keys

Attribute is a piece of information, which determines the properties. This can be related to both entities and relationships. Although some of the required attributes are mentioned in the specification itself, most of the time we have to determine it by ourselves considering various perspectives of the company.
Membership has the same primary key, customer_id and the other attributes such as flat_fee, membership_fee and membership_status.
The other important entity Staff has staff_id as its primary key and I have introduced two more attributes nic and name.
I have made event_id, the primary key of the entity Event. Furthermore, it has the attributes date, start_time and end_time. All these attributes are inherited to two sub entities Performance and Meal.

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