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Robots are
coming to us, but that’s ok.

Why we’ll never run out of jobs:  England derives more revenue from the rock
music than coal. We’re moving from a commodity based capital, like coal to
intellectual capital like rock and roll. Erik Arnoldson said” Racing with the
machines beats racing against the machine”. Technology is solution to human
problems and we won’t run out of work until we run out of problems, which is
not possible. God did not make being an auto worker a good job, this is
something we have achieved through struggle, policies and choices made earlier.
As human to survive the game of business we need to update its rules. As some
things become commodities, other things become more valuable.

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Change alone is eternal perpetual immortal. We are a part of responsibility of
what happening, but also a big part of solution. Changes should be implanted
and a conducive ecosystem provided to promote self-employment and entrepreneurship
among the youth. Youth should be job giver rather than job seekers.

Preparing our economy for the impact: technology is responsible for globalisation easier. Pace
of globalisation is very high. The quantity of quality jobs is very less. There
is an American Dream “You would do better than your parents and your children
will do better than you”. According to study taking this as a fact the polls
are just opposite about 59% people born in 1980-1990 are not even able to
maintain that level. Technology is good but to a certain extent. There are two
physical aspects are needed to be improved. Manufacturing is coming back, but
manufacturing jobs are not. The basic restoration can be through making more
and more technical jobs. Having a four-year
university degree is the next rust belt. –
Earned income tax credit: the concept of enabling people to live better on
low income. Comparing to the economy it is not big enough in the income ladder,
as well as it is always paid in lump-sum once a year which makes no sense. It
is very hard for the people to utilize this money, on the other hand it should
be provided once a month, week as a part of your regular job. Then there are a
set of people who don’t even know about this, can be called as strengthen democratic


 To brace from the effect and move up to the
chain, people with mid-level jobs skills need to pick up new skills. Students
and fresh graduates can no longer depend upon the upbringing done through the
university, by the time students graduates the technology is worthless. Educational
institutes need to revise their course content. Institutes like centre of
excellence should be created. While there is in time for upgradation for the low-level
people, they need to have courses like mangment, adavanced excel, web management
we can combine the best of socialism and capitalism their significant changes
in the society.

The need of attaining
and managing automation infrastructure will also grow, jobs like web production,
data scientist are in high demand and will continue. The concept of user
interface(UI) and user experience(UX) are into demanding.

curious: the pace of change is so fast that the idea great today can be
worthless tomorrow.  For curious person
modifying skills and adapting with the need of the market is not a big
challenge. To stay economically relevant the worlds need to develop the quality
of curiosity quotient. Digging new ideas, surrounding ourselves with talent and
thinking. It is always has been great to see great minds working with great
team to build a success ladder for the society.

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