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Robust knowledge according to knowers from different areas of knowledge is resilient and strongly supported. This knowledge is formed through an agreed framework or path that has to be followed by everyone who is seeking knowledge. This framework ensures that knowledge is accurate or has an approximation to the truth. Therefore, when we speak of the robustness of knowledge we refer to knowledge that has been generated through the right mechanisms and has an approximation to the truth. The accuracy of this knowledge brings about consensus among knowers. When there are contentious knowledge claims, disagreements, emerge among knowers. Accepted knowledge has indicated that this knowledge is important because it helps in the expansion of consensus. And, disagreements cause expansion of knowledge because knowers research to solve contentious knowledge claims and as a result, they can refine knowledge which makes it accurate (McCuen). For that reason, this paper will show that accurate knowledge requires both consensus and disagreements by answering the following question. To what extent are consensus and disagreements important in creating knowledge in human and natural sciences? Language, reason and the sense of perception are the methods of acquiring knowledge that will be used in order to answer the question.

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