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of packaging on consumer’s perception


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The purpose of this study was to know the consumer’s
perception towards packaging of the products and their effects on buying
behaviors, their relationship with selling and for effective marketing communication.  To accomplish this target, reviews from the
multiple different articles were taken. As from the deductions of the one of
the articles that is cited at belowi that tells us the role,
purpose and success factors of packaging on the consumer buying behavior. They
show the relationship between dependent factor (consumer buying behavior) and
independent factor (packaging). Package elements play an important role in the
buying behavior of customers like color of package, fonts style, background
image, quality, printed information and wrapper design influences on customer
that will predictors for study. These features arouse customer to purchase the products.
Due to change in lifestyles of the consumers packaging is being used as promotional
tool for sales being increased dramatically that makes impulses for buying,
which is regarded crucial role in marketing communication that ultimately leads
to purchase decision especially when it comes to point of sale. This research
was conducted in Patan district of Gujrat in India, by taking questionnaire
survey from 150 people. They finds that consumers perceive good quality of
products from their packaging and crucial roles of their elements on buying
decisions. Although package is play finest role in purchasing process of the
customer but the marketing researcher focus on pre and post consumption aspects
of product containers. For this purpose another article cited belowii tells us that comprehensive research on packing ergonomics, logistics, safety and
promotional activities are common in packaging regulations but research
segregate the role of packaging from consumer satisfaction. Because of the
underrate role in product satisfaction there is functional separation between
marketing and packaging minimize the role of packaging impacts. For instance
they researched on the quality of the water bottled consumption satisfaction
and its impacts on brand perception. They concluded that thicker water bottled
perceived to be of more quality than thinner ones, these brands aspects for
instance reliability and value offered by products motivate to repurchase the
products. For this qualitative and structural modeling with experimental analysis
was established basic role of packaging quality in consumer satisfaction. For
the evaluation of consumption experience packaging components are important.
Form the findings we predicted that packaging build profitable relation between
consumer and brand and also loyalty of customer is balance to non-consumption
packaging consideration this inclusion will define differently the equation the
cost benefit equation. Beside this some researchers feels that packaging
creates arousal for customer in buying decision for this another article cited
belowiii suggest
that package creates the image inside the customer mind that leads to purchase
process. They suggested that there are communicational dimensions packaging
that influence the consumer behavior, therefore its promotional tool especially
in retail industries. Research were used in articles were seminal and primary
sources and finds that focus group are not much aware about packaging material
and characteristics that is why some consumer focus on safe packaging while
other on convenience packing they even though forgo other things for that.
Findings told us that preference over particular packaging material are
affected by certain factors like age, consumption place, occasions and category.
Packaging not only influencing consumer for buying but also for companies for
designing their product in best way to grab customer attention for this another
article cited belowiv  suggest us that companies want to seek
consumer perception about packing to achieve desired place in the mind of
customer, for this data collection takes place in two phase first phase was on
determine key variables of graphics in designing product. And send phase was to
link position strategy with packaging, among seven position strategy were
selected representing multidimensional scaling to build consumer stand point.
And four maps like alternative packaging graphical form, packaging image,
packaging topography and packaging color were used. This research findings
predicted that every strategy associate with specific product dimension. In
this research 46 respondents took part two phase process. Limitation were that
consumer were harmonies among the product packaging so general guidance is
product designer meet with consumer expectations. To narrow it down for
particular dimension of packaging and its effect on perception of the customer
another article cited belowv suggest
that companies not only understand the customer perception towards product
packaging for attracting customer for current and future offering but also
retaining is biggest concern and to get competitive edge on others they used
variety of marketing and packaging techniques and dimensions, not only this
they also initiate self-service store for checking of the product selection
without interference of other retailer or seller form that they found out that
color last more manifestation in the dimension of packaging because it attracts
the customer better than other dimensions. Purpose of the study was to address
product manager and designer of the packaging to transfer organization message
among customer through product color, because visual impact organization can
direct their message in appropriate place against finished products, this
reviewed data is from relevant research articles to explains reason of color
importance along with factor influencing behavior of customers and relevance
color element are examined comprehensively and features of different colors
functions and roles are described suggestion include customer increasing with
functional nature and suitable color. Conclusively above 5 articles provide us
data and information that packaging play important role in attracting customer
with it also the quality of product also matter rather just packaging with
other dimension, and companies focus packaging in order design product in best
way to earn profit, and color is vital dimension.





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