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Role of Communication in an organization
Jaspreet KaurBusiness Communication 150
August 15, 2018

Communication is a two way process in which information is transferred from one person to another and it plays important role in the growth of an organization. It is necessary that every businessman know how to make communication effective in order to achieve their desired goal. My thesis is communication have major impact on various aspect of business for instance promoting goodwill and customer relationship, better communication and controlling, motivate employees and intercultural communication. Effective communication contributes a lot in the success of business.
Promoting goodwill and improve customer relationship
Effective communication is very helpful to promote the goodwill of the company and create a solid platform for planning organizing, managing and controlling the things. Communication at workplace should be positive, friendliness and also show kindness which create a good image of the company as well as build strong relationship with outer world. It helps to retain customers in business for the long period of time and also ensure long term success of company because of trust and positive image.

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Motivate employees
Effective communication is helpful to increase the confidence level and morale of employees. To get success there should effective relationship and communication between every department, employees and manager. Employees have right to know that what is happening in their company, what is their goal, vision and also have clear image of the targets in their minds so they can perform well and achieve their goals easily
Managers should provide all information to their employees unless something is confidential, discuss serious problems with them and get suggestions from them so that they can feel like a family and give their best to the company. Internal communication should be clear, concise and also provide updated information to workers timely. If everyone gets opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts it create positive environment and employees feel more satisfied and secured in the company.
Better communication and Controlling
Effective communication is helpful to control the functions of management. Provide the right information to the right person at right time so that there is no confusion about their responsibilities and duties. Communication may be formal and informal, upward and downward or verbal and non- verbal. Information should be short and clear so everyone have clear image what to do in order to achieve their target on right time for the company.

Every employee have creative mind with excellent thoughts, if they feel free to share their ideas it may helpful to get better results. There are many ways to communicate with employees direct or indirect for examples: email, phone calls, video conferencing, face to face interaction, discussions and meetings.

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