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Ryder SmythMs.WrightLanguage Arts 7T Class16 January 2018Argumentative essayPeople are planning on banning violent video games to youth because they “think” it affects their mental health. But I think different because as an experienced gamer I have played many games including Call of Duty, Halo just to name a “few” violent games and I have never desired the need to hurt someone physically or mentally. And there is virtually no evidence proving that playing violent video games provoke violence. I have several friends who play violent video games and they don’t hurt or kill people proving that people are wrong about video games to lead to violence. For example, my cousin has Call of Duty WW2 and he doesn’t go outside killing people. Violent video games should not be banned to people who are under 18 because people play with their own free will and not all games are bad or violent. But people have a different perspective on what is violent and inappropriate.Violent video games don’t lead to violence because I know people who play violent video games and they don’t go outside and kill people because it was because of the video game they were playing. Usually, they would have a motive for killing people because people can’t just do that without any guilt. Now I have heard of stories of people killing each other because they were fans of violent video games but it doesn’t say they did it because it was the violent video games fault. It has been proven that when a violent video game comes out for example Call of Duty crime rates actually go down instead of up so violent video games actually help the community. What good effects that violent video games have on society are the crime rates drop which makes the community safer for kids and youth to be able to go outside. “video games may not be all bad for kids. In fact, studies show games can be powerful brain-training tools that can improve such cognitive skills as visual attention, concentration, navigation, multitasking and task switching, all while simultaneously increasing speed and accuracy.”  This proves that some violent video games have an upside to playing. Most parents don’t know that though because when they look at it they think what was I thinking letting my child play this violent gruesome game!?!? And some video games can have a mental effect where it helps them concentrate and do things outside of gaming.And lastly, if your kids or kid plays online that will have a better effect because they are communicating using social skills. It depends on the game but sometimes strategy too.  In the end, video gaming has a positive effect on kids.Others believe that video games do provoke violence though which is a problem. They think that if youth are playing violent games that will lead to further violence outside of gaming. But these theories are built on virtually nothing to support it. They would need to track how hostile a person then sees how they act after playing a violent video game. But since they have not done this they can’t prove that playing violent video games lead to violence. But what they don’t understand is that some of these games actually help a person later on in life. For example, some violent games require a strategy which can teach some skills to a kid. For example when I am playing violent video games like Call of Duty or Halo I devise a plan with my brother so we can beat the level and not die and have to restart it. In the end, video games do not lead to violence in real life. This is important to most people because some people do not want violent video games to be banned to people under age. Some kids play violent video games because their parents think they can handle it so it’s appropriate for them. All in all violent video games should not be banned to people under 18 because people play with their own free will and not all games are bad and violent. In the end, violent video games do not have a bad effect on youth because there is virtually no evidence proving that playing violent video games provoke violence. Works Cited”Violent video games for kids have a surprising upside.” The Globe and Mail, 25 Mar. 2017,, Christopher J. “‘Violent’ Video Games Don’t Cause Later Aggression in Kids,According to New Longitudinal Study.” The Huffington Post,, 9 July 2017,

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