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Salvador Dali was known for his surrealist artworks. The term surrealism first appeared in the writings of french poet Guillame Apollinaire who used it in 1917 to describe a Jean Cocteau’s ballet parade and his own play the Breasts of Tiresias. Surrealism is irrational, and hallucinatory. It positioned itself not from escape from life but as a revolutionary force within it. It was meant to free the human mind from the task of imitating nature. Artists like Dali were interested in what their dreams could review about their sub-conscious hand-painted dream photographs. With the actual painting size of 24 x 33 cm, we can see the he wants to give us this powerful impact with this little artwork in order to see the different forms of reality. He wants us to think about his work and not just react or compliment it. The melted clocks, stopwatch with ants, presented flesh, cliffs, the bodies of water and the dead tree will make us wonder what is this painting really all about? What is the meaning behind these illustrations?

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