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Samuel Adams, one of the founding fathers of the United States, helped so much before the revolutionary war, but how? Samuel Adams was born on September, 27, 1772 in Boston. Sam was not a wealthy family when growing up,  As he attended Harvard University, he was inspired by John Locke for freedom of religion, and the pursuit of happiness. He became a legislature at Massachusetts. At that time the 13 colonies were ruled over from Great Britain, as the colonists paid expensive taxes for all sorts of items imported to the 13 colonies. He joined a group of protesters, called the Sons of Liberty. As he entered the Stamp Act with the sons of liberty, they boycotted for freedom. As you read this article you will find out how Samuel Adams helped the Revolutionary war.Boston massacre           Samuel Adams helped the Boston tea party by warning the colonists about this innocent. March, 5, 1770 was one of the worst moments in the revolutionary war. On the streets of Boston an angry mob of people protesting to British soldier. They were complaining about the expensive taxes Britain has been giving them. As the British soldiers raise the guns, they open fire and shoot. 5 man dead and some are injured. When Samuel Adams hears about this innocent, he warns the British governor for shooting the colonists. Sam warns the british governed, the colonists to show this massacure. He wanted freedom from britainBoston Tea PartySamuel Adams led the colonists to freedom in the Boston tea party act. In the end of fall 3 ships arrived at Boston port, carrying one hundred chests of tea loaded. Governor Thomas Hutchinson refused that the ships would leave until taxes were paid.  One brave man stood up to the challenge. Samuel Adams spoke to the colonists and lead them to freedom.  They disguised as Indians and pour all the tea into the water.The next morning the colonist had to pat all specks of dust to make sure the british wouldn’t find out. Later King George the 3rd found out about this protest, and got angry. Well anyway Samuel Adams was a great leader and changed colonists thoughts. Continental congress Samuel Adams deserved to sign the declaration of independence, after what he has done for the country. September, 5, 1774 the continental congress was formed. And so a representative would come from each colony. It was a group of people who solved issues with britain, and later declared war. Samuel Adams always wanted freedom ever since he was little. But unlike him there were people who wanted to be ruled over britain. So Samuel Adams always wanted freedom and he got it.ConclusionSamuel Adams helped helped a lot before the revolutionary war.  After the war, he served as a lieutenant in massachusetts. And also served as a governor in massachusetts for almost 10 years. Sadly he died on 1803, october, 21, cambridge, boston. Overall Samuel Adams was a brilliant and amazing man. After all this information to support how samuel adams was a great man

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