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A lot of people find
that machine design is a very creative field – you get to design parts while
taking care of the dimensions, safety, and stability. I believe that the step
after that – production of the design into an actual part while adhering to
stringent quality control is more creative and satisfying; creative,
because before converting the design to a functional prototype, I have to
imagine how the product would be developed with minimum difficulties. I also
need to consider the possible failures in the design and form strategies to
counteract the failures. Among other important requirements such as Inventory
control, I also need to figure out and plan the requirement of adequate
manpower or the time required to produce that component with the available
manpower. Satisfying, because it feels wonderful to see your efforts
converted to a tangible and useful object. That is my inspiration behind this
application for masters in Industrial engineering (IE) – I wish to be actively
involved in production and quality control of automobile giants such as
Volkswagen, Mercedes, or Audi.

My fascination with
industrial machines began at an industrial plant at ‘Kirloskar Oil Engines
Ltd.’ (KOEL), a diesel engine manufacturing company in Pune – the place my
uncle, a Mechanical engineer and the AGM at the plant, worked. During my school
days, I would often visit the plant. I would watch the working of the huge
machines: the way they were made, the management of material, the smooth
sequential flow of processes, and the conversion of a single bar of alloy steel
to a well-finished product within minutes.

Unsurprisingly, I
chose mechanical engineering as a major for my undergraduate studies. Here, I
realized the importance of production planning and execution, materials,
inventory, quality control, and systems……. (Couple of sentences about
engineering studies)

My final year
engineering project was on Nonconventional Air Compressor. As a project
leader, I led a team of two students and was responsible for every aspect
including planning, research, implication, analysis of project. The objective of the project
was to utilize wind energy to run an air compressor. Project
comprised of vertical axis Savonius helix wind turbine which was coupled with
compressor to harness wind energy. We designed, fabricated, and assembled
complete compressor which includes components like piston, cylinder, piston
rod, helical springs, and cam profile. We stored and used compressed air for
various applications like spray painting, operating pneumatic tools.



After completing my
studies, I joined “Bharat electronics Ltd (BEL)”, a global leader in defense
equipment manufacturing where I am working now.

In order to get detail knowledge about industrial
operations, I requested for 1 year rotational training in various departments
at manufacturing plant of Bharat Electronics Ltd at Pune, Maharashtra. This
specifically includes departments like production planning and control, R&D,
purchasing, manufacturing, quality, testing, packaging, and finally dispatch.

Currently I’m working as an engineer in production,
planning and control (PPC) department in Bharat Electronics Ltd. In my project,
we manufacture Lithium- Sulphur di Oxide (Li-SO2) batteries, Nickel- Cadmium
batteries (Ni-Cd), and alkaline batteries. I’m working on different fronts such
as project scheduling, supply chain control, client relations, vendor
development, risk assessment, human resource management, material management,
SAP & in-house presentations. By this time I have understand the importance
of supply chain optimization, warehouse management and its impact on timely
deliveries to customers.

My undergraduate
studies and work have been rewarding: Subjects like Industrial Engineering.,
Operational Research, and Statistical Analysis has taught me the fundamentals
of Industrial engineering and got exposed to industry practices in creating fine
products. Now, I wish to take it forward by taking advanced courses in Industrial
Engineering at the University of Illinois, Chicago and pursue doctorate
in Operational Management by contributing in the
research fields of real-time energy management, multi-machine system modeling
and throughput estimation, and intelligent maintenance of manufacturing systems.
I’m sure that working under the expert guidance of fine faculty at your
university will provide me a good exposure to current research. I look forward
to learning a lot from you.




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