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Satveer cheema
EMLS 110
Professor R.hicks11oct 2018
Female Foeticide
“People love to have mother, people love to have wife but why not daughter. Because people think having a female child is social and economic burden on them. It is unethical that abort a child after pre-natal sex determination. Female foeticide and even any sex determination test is illegal in India. It is the shame for their parents who are desperate for baby boy as well as doctors carrying out abortion especially for this. Female foeticide have been practice for centuries especially for the families who prefer only male child.

First reason is there is believe that girls are always consumer and boys are producer. Parents understand that son earn money for them whole life and care about their parents. However, girls will get married a day and go away in another family.

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Second reason is old custom of dowry system in India has put a big challenge before parents which is the main reason to avoid girl child by parents. Dowry is money or goods women bring to marriage. It is prevalent in all parts of India. Dowry has very deep effect in our society. Many girls are losing their life in the name of dowry.

Third is low status of the women in the past. In India past few decades women were not allowed to go outside from the house, they do not allow to go school because Boys tease the girls when they found them alone or even in the public places. They do bad comments on their dresses, characters, sexual harassment, acid throwing, and dating abuse. That’s why parents afraid to send girls outside the home, school, colleges and another city.

Need to make strong ; strict, and world level law so that everybody thinks about the punishment before doing this vital crime. Need to take strong action again doctors, labs, and hospitals where cases like abortions take places. Our Ultrasound machine maker should create an innovative technology which does not show fetus gender while ultrasound. I think there is only Ultrasound a way to find the fetus sex in the womb.

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