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“Saving one animal will not change the world, but surely for that one animal , the world will change forever”(Karen Davison,Author of A Dog’s Guide to Humans). Every sheltered animal deserves a second chance; they have all been neglected, lost, or abused by their previous owners. Every year, approximately seven million animals enter U.S animal shelters. Also, about three million dogs and cats who have been in shelters for a long time are euthanized yearly, because shelters are too crowded, and need space for incoming animals. When adopting an animal from a shelter, not only are you helping make room for more animals, but you are saving a life. Another reason why it is better to adopt than shop is because sheltered animals are way healthier than animals in pet stores. When purchasing a pet from a pet store or online, you are not only saving a life, but you are supporting an industry that thrives on short-changing the welfare of animals. Kitten and puppy mills only exist to make money, so they churn out kittens and puppies as quickly as possible in horrible conditions. Because these poor animals are in such a terrible place, and don’t get proper care, they are super unhealthy and have poor socialization skills. Next, adopting an animal from a local shelter will also reduce the population of that certain animal. With over millions and millions innocent animals entering shelters annually, it’s safe to say there is a perfect pet for anyone and everyone. However, we humans create a “new demand” for new dog and cat breeds when we purchase an animal from a mill, via pet stores. By adopting an animal from a shelter, we decrease the demand for cats and dogs and help alleviate the abundance of the poor animals in the shelter. Next, by adopting an animal from the shelter you are helping them live a longer life. According to studies, dogs and cats that are owned live longer lives than stray animals. By adopting a dog, you are keeping them off the streets, and preventing them from any other harm. Finally, adopting from a shelter may inspire others to adopt as well. If you adopt a pet and show your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc, you are able to spread the word about the benefits of adopting, and may persuade them to adopt an animal of their own.

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