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Selling deodorant seems to be more
and more difficult as the years go by. 
Promotions for antiperspirants are beginning to scrap logic and are
instead loaded with more sexual and comedic appeal than ever to garner more
attention and up ratings.  They have
become rife with fallacies to appear more desirable to those watching.  Take, for instance, Old Spice’s “Questions”
infomercial.  They target the female
population by employing a shirtless man to represent their merchandise and
insert him into increasingly unrealistic situations with a script of questions
undoubtedly derived from the side lover of a romantic drama.  However, even with the advertisement’s
fantastically illogical nature, especially that of a man walking on water, it
was quite effective thanks to its intriguing idea of living the dream life and
the use of an alluringly handsome former football player, Isaiah Mustafa, to
certify the power held by this product.

unrealistic visuals shown in this commercial are so absurd that they almost
lead to its downfall.  All confidence in
this item’s ability was destroyed once the actor, after admitting to using Old
Spice, walks on water, magically flies into a hot tub, and somehow lands on a
motorcycle.  Any testimony is quickly
discredited once the slippery slope fallacy is injected when it is implied that
women can mold a man to transform into someone like the actor with this deodorant.  While it certainly grabs the spectator’s attention,
no evidence or facts are provided to prove that a man can do any of these
things from simply applying this substance, and the absence of these statistics
render nearly render the ad ineffective.  Luckily for the company, their knowledge of what
the intended audience wants saved this ad from being a massive failure.

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Spice knows how to get their audience emotionally invested, especially when it
comes to happiness and comfort.  Implications
that a woman’s dream life is only a quick roll under the armpits away are
rampant throughout this endorsement.  One
significant instance of this is when the leading man asks, “do you want a man
who smells like he can bake you a gourmet cake in the dream kitchen he built
you with his own hands”, suggesting that the woman can either attain such a
life through her partner using Old Spice, or be miserable and unhappy.  They even go on to include a non-sequitur
where the conclusion is that the “best night of your life” can be experienced
only after a man applies this product. 
By subliminally suggesting that one can be happy and satisfied, the
advertisement successfully plants the seed of thought that buying this item
would be the best decision she would ever make. 
Of course, you can’t live a fantasy life without having an upstanding man
to make it come true.

This infomercial uses society’s stereotypical version
of how a perfect man should be to establish trust and credibility with their
spectators.  This brawny, striking man is
not merely a random dignified persona working for a big business, Isaiah
Mustafa is also a former NFL player.  The
constant practices held by football players and the intense perspiration
resulting from the physically demanding nature of the job establishes Isaiah as
a trustworthy and credible speaker on types of deodorant.  He uses this credibility to testify to the effectiveness
of Old Spice’s products, stating, “can he smell like me, yes”, ensuring the audience
that this is indeed an item they need in their lives.  By using him to speak on behalf of the company,
Old Spice effectively negates any disbelief they may have roused with their incredible

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