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A Good Habit For Each Month Of The Year

One superstitious belief I grew up with was
that the first 12 days of January correspond to the 12 months of the whole
year. If it rained on January 1st, that meant January was going to
be a rainy month and so on. Of course, that only worked on two-weather places. You
can’t really expect the sun to suddenly shine in the middle of a wintry month
or else predict the whole year to be wintry.

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Anyway, I decided to take on this
superstition and make it my own. I will set one good habit each day for the
first 12 days of January as precedents of what I’m going to do for each month
of the whole year. Join me as a follow go through my modified New Year’s
resolutions list!

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1 – I’m going to come on time.

Notice that I didn’t use the words strive or try. That’s because if you say you’ll try, there’s the possibility
of failure. I’m not giving myself that chance. No tries. No strives. Just do.

2 – I will take care of myself more.

Beauty is skin deep but it pays to look good
on the outside, too. You have to wear the confidence you feel.

3 – I will limit my “sitting” time.

Prolonged sitting is a slow killer,
health-wise. And I don’t want my desk job to be the cause of my death. So, I’m
going to find ways to escape the confines of my desk while still doing my job
— stand up after every 20 minutes of being seated, put my laptop on top of a
shelf so I can work while standing…the possibilities are innumerable. Most
importantly, I’m going to do these ways consciously.

4 – I will exercise regularly.

It’s not about being sexy but more on a move
to a healthier lifestyle. And if I lose weight along the way? Well and good.

5 – I will sleep early.

Getting the right quantity and quality when
it comes to sleeping should be everyone’s goal. Our productivity as a worker
rests on it, after all.

6 – And I will wake up early.

There’s just something cleansing and calming about
waking up to a still quiet world. Then in a few moments, you’ll hear the first
bustling of the day — passing vehicles, businesses slowly stirring up, people
starting to come out of their homes and mill around. And that calm feeling does
great wonders especially on toxic work days.

7 – I will smile more.

Happiness is contagious. Be a walking smiling
virus. You’ll never know who you reach out to.

8 – I will hush my inner critic.

Who is our worst enemy? Ourselves. Nobody
criticizes us the harshest but that inner voice inside us who keeps on
reminding us that we haven’t done enough. This year? I’m going to shush that
voice. I will focus on what I’ve done instead of my mistakes.

9 – I will be more accepting of compliments that come my

Admit it, when compliments are thrown away,
we tend to feel uncomfortable and overthink things. Well, now is the time to
accept them as they are, not spend the time thinking if the giver meant it as
it is or is just waiting for us to turn our backs to backstab us to others.

10 – I will get rid of the things that need to be

Memories and past mistakes are the most
common things that hold us down. Every day of the year must be a day that we
emotionally cleanse ourselves. Forget what needs to be forgotten. All we need
to take from our mistakes are the lessons they taught us. Otherwise, let go.

11 – I will connect physically.

This means making friends face-to-face
instead of just sending a friend request online. This means traveling all those
miles to spend time with my loved ones. this means unplugging to have more time
to spend to those who matter most.

12 – I will be content.

Contentment is rare in a world that’s hungry
for more. But I won’t let that world influence me. What I have is enough and
what I need, I can get. As for my wants…well, they can wait.

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