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years back when I was in 9th Grade, On Wednesday at 1.30 pm a Door bell rang
and person on the door was a delivery man who had came to deliver a Computer. I
was shocked because we didn’t order it. Then my father told me that he had
bought a computer. I was so happy on that day because I wanted to have a computer
to play action Games but at same I was rookie about computer .I didn’t know
about computer .Next to our home lives Manoj Uncle who is a Software
Engineering . He came to our house and setup our computer. I was so amazed, the
way he was configuring the computer by typing some mysterious language which I
really didn’t understand but then he told about the programming language.
Language that computer understand. He also explain me about a term called Data.
A pool of knowledge and how this knowledge is managed by Analyst. Analyst Job
is similar to Cooking  How a chef manages
it’s  ingredient to come up with a
Delicious food. Similarly a Analyst  manage the data to get the business related
Information. I realized that computer is not for only playing  games but it is way more than that. This
realization ,motivated me to  work toward
a field in Information Technology.

My undergraduate education at K J Somaiya College of
Engineering , one of the best institutes affiliated to Mumbai University, have academic
courses like Database Management Systems, Data Warehousing and Mining, Web
Engineering, Artificial Intelligence has played a key role in developing  my skills. Languages such as Java, C, C++,
and SQL has bolster my motivation towards achieving my goal.

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During my curriculum, I worked on project based on Data
Mining. We build a Java based GUI application to perform a different types of
data mining algorithm like Linear Regression, Naive bayesian classification,
Frequent Itemset  and Clustering using
K-mean on  Road Accident dataset  to order to get trends , pattern and
correlation. Another project that I worked on was the development

of Leap Motion based Gaming Application called  “LeapLearn”  for kids with sole purpose to make learning  more interesting and innovative. In this kid
interact with application using Hand Gesture.

LeapLearn has three levels Tower of Hanoi, Solar Planet and
Puzzle which helps child to develop Problem Solving and Motor skills.

Apart from the technical courses, I
have learnt equally valuable lessons outside the classroom, participating in
extracurricular activities. Technovanza 
a national level technical festival on Autobots where we participated in
events like Monster Arena, Robo Soccer and RoboMaze.I have also done workshop
on “Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning ” organized by MIT
FATLAB  and Riidle. During the
course of the workshop,  we got to work
on 4 huge projects solving

some real time problems right
from field of Brain Science to Stock Market prediction to

Excel Data Analysis and Neural
Image Classification. First Project was on “Sales Forecasting using Time
Series, SMA and Exponential Smoothing on MS Excel”. Second Project was on “Brain
Informatics Using Deep Learning”  where
it involves concepts like Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Statistics, R
Programming and some basic Brain Science .Next Project was on Developing an end
to end Analytics Engine using R Shiny” and last project was on “Digit
Recognition using Machine Learning in Python”


In today’s world is looking for management and
development skills .In IT there are number of developers but analytics is what
drives company to device number of scheme to attract their customer and gain
their popularity. It is here that the MIS
program in Australia at  XYZ University
that stands out from the rest. A Masters degree will not only help me achieve
my career goals, but it will also keep me involved in a field I am interested
in. Comprehensive Course Structure and wide range of elective will help me in
customizing my course to meet my career goal.


I hope the committee shares my confidence
and looking forward to being a part of the incoming class of Fall 2018.


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