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Should the
sale of violent video games be prohibited?

killer games or shooters and violence in video games are normal for
kids around the age of 12 onwards. Does this expose them to too much
violence at an early age and does it affect their mental well-being?
Genuinely I think
all discussion about
how all violent video games are bad is completely exaggerated by the
media. However, adults from older generations have a big part in this
debate since they weren’t young when these games came out so they
only know one side of the story.
claim that playing these games will influence you to act like in the
video games. Possibly make you act more violently and that you will
grow up and want to kill people. This has not been scientifically
proven, therefore it is only an opinion. People just don’t play
something or even watch something and be
so influenced that they will start fighting or killing someone. Of
course, there is an off chance that playing violent video games may
increase the likelihood of violence in adulthood, but this is because
they will already have a history of mental illness. So, whether they
play these games or not is irrelevant. Another reason is, that all
big shooters require a lot of time to play. This could be because of
a long time- consuming story mode or due
to the fact that
you would need to practice for hours on end before becoming good at
the game. I have the first-hand experience of being hooked on a game
for weeks on end never wanting to stop playing.
too often increases the chance of becoming addicted and distracted
from school work. Just recently in 2018, CNN wrote an article about
WHO. The World Health Organisation stated that “playing video games
obsessively might lead to a diagnosis of a mental health disorder”.
study was performed in Singapore, and it was found that 1 in 10
children was addicted to video games. Furthermore, it showed that
these children developed big problems interfering with their files.
Examples of these were grades dropping and social anxiety. Again,
this issue is easily solved by encouraging parents to become
stricter. They would have to enforce a time limit their kid can play
on school night especially. The result is overwhelmingly positive.
Their grades increased and their anxiety slowly faded away. This
concludes that the problem with video games isn’t the violence but
the aspect of controlling the time spent on them.

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positive effect of these ‘violent’ and ‘bad’ video games have
been studied a lot. There are no monocausal explanations for
violence. For instance, tests have been done that showed 3D video
games can results in higher result in recognition tests. This was
quoted in the ‘Journal of Neuroscience’. Researchers from Germany
studied how games affect the brain. The results were that by playing
certain video games, including shooters, that it contributes to
certain brain growths. These certain brain growths include memory,
navigation and also found to counter some factors for diseases such
as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Schizophrenia. An
article from Complex
describes how former soldiers with PTSD received help and support by
playing video games, specifically First Person Shooter games. They
all talked about how this is a way out for them, as they forget about
everything and are just drawn in. This is their way of coping. They
have not found anything which has helped them as effectively since
they were introduced to these games.
banning violent video games, it could stop certain developments in
the brain only achievable from playing these games. Additionally
making thousands of people jobless. Companies whose main product are
violent games and shooters would be ruined and certain players who
play for a living such as YouTubers, Twitch streamers or pro-players
will all have to think about starting a new life. If they depend on
these games and are a living from them, it would be inhumane to let
them all go. Not only will they have to find a new job but some would
also have to get a new degree since most of them have dropped out of
college or university because there was a future for them without
having to study and go to school. These games are hobbies for
millions and it’s just huge fun.
next information doesn’t apply to most people but to some specific
surgeons, it can be critically useful. The University of Texas
conducted the “UTMB’s Dr. Kilic on the Robotic Simulator
Training Study, “a student test group who played around 2 hours on
a machine for virtual operations went up against trained surgeons.
The test results showed that the students were faster and more
precise since their eye-hand coordination was more definite. However,
another test was done which revolved around the real surgeons which
show they were also able to improve with the help of video games. 33
laparoscopic surgeons, who performed small procedures with very fine
instruments were tested. Surgeons who trained on the computer were
around 27% faster on interventions and made 37% fewer mistakes than
the surgeons who didn’t play on the simulator.
2016 the global gaming industry has a worth of around £67 billion.
Notably, this shows how much it helps the economy of come countries
and the mass power it has. By banning the games, it won’t just upset
the people who play these games or make them, but also the country’s
economy. These games also simulate the conditions of soldiers in the
real field as they behave and act like real soldiers would. The
community playing these violent realistic games receive an insight
into the harsh reality of what the soldiers have experienced. Some
games like Assassin’s Creed teaches history although it contains a
lot of violence, Arma teaching tactical and thought-provoking
decision making.
ban the games is well-meaning, but it goes too far. It
is, without doubt, a con that the inhibitions of violence could be
lowered and the addiction potential is high but on the other hand,
the response capability and the ability to work as a team in the game
is strengthened.
Even alcohol and cigarettes are not banned although they are
undoubtedly unhealthy for the mind and body. It is a huge
responsibility for parents as well to monitor their children and to
create a healthy relationship and environment for them. The sale of
video games should continue because of the vast and great potential
it has to improve the world, and also simply because electrifying and

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