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Sidra Medical Research Center is a patient care that is located in Qatar. As part of Qatar National Vision 2030 each employer should put efforts and consideration to qatarise the positions in the organization by providing support for Qatari nationals. Scholarship office within L&D department is one of these offices that helps to have a consistent pipeline of highly skilled nationals to join the organization. The needs of having skilled nationals is for all branches and departments within organization. Three needs are increase number of nationals up to 50 % in the branch to reach the QNV 2030 requirement of having 50 % of Qataris in the whole organization. Secondly, recruit highly skilled employees in different fields graduating from the best universities around the world. Finally, raise the quality of the each branch by having a well-educated emplyees that will have a consistent pipeline for the businesses. We will use the Eisenhower Matrix in order to priorities all the needs and to avoid any conflict may arise. Things that are important and urgent will be always first things to do. Urgent things and not important we will do it as it will not take time. Important but not urgent are things to be planned for long terms. Not important not urgent are the least thing to focus on.

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