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Simple words like okay hmm or just nodding of the head. The timing is crucial because they should not be consistent nor be too careless. The client has to feel that they have the counsellor’s full attention on what they are saying while not disturbing the client when thy are talking. The counsellor’s role is to show empathy but not agree or disagree on what they are saying. Listening with intent should be done so the client feels appreciated.

When a counsellor asks too many questions it will show to the client that the counsellor is controlling and the client will feel like the counsellor knows solutions to all of the client’s problems. Incorrect forms of questioning methods at the wrong moment and that are in charge of an inexperienced counsellor may cause uneasiness and it will confuse the client.
If a counsellor loses focus on the client and wasting time while decreasing the client’s disclosure it leads to confusion like asking who was it which one was it again. Mumbling to the client that it’s something that everybody goes through it, intruding with transference.
Extra session disclosure
During a session when the conversation is about the counsellor and not about the client. Yes, it is okay a bit of information that will help the client but not discuss to further about themselves. The focus gets moved away from the client, it will create a big confusion and sees the counsellor as a friend but not as a professional therapist. It just makes the client hold back more and feel that the counsellor is too much involved when the counsellor discusses their life experiences and that can bring pressure on the client and it creates high expectations.
Inflammation-responding to a complaint
When a client tells the counsellor their not happy, or they feel like their been judged or criticised and they discuss this to take it out of their chest. The counsellor lacks by listening but instead talks and interrupts the client and that increases the emotion of the situation, the speaker feels like thereat aren’t being heard and not getting support or empathy from the counsellor, the emotion level increases and the issues don’t get solved.

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