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Sir Wilfrid Laurier was a politician,a journalist, and a lawyer.  He was born on November 20th, 1841 in a town in Quebec called  Saint-Lin-Laurentides. He was the second child to Carolus Laurier and Marcelle Martineau. He had an older brother and a younger sister. His family was middle class as his dad was a farmer, but they always had food, money, and an education.     By the time he was 25, he went on to Mcgill University to get a degree in  law, politics, and journalism. After graduating, he went on to work for a big newspaper company where he was  writing stories and editing.  After, Laurier’s journalist career ended in 1871 and he went into politics to become a member of the House of Commons of Quebec. In 1896, he became the prime minister of  Canada. Little did he know that  for  the next fifteen years of his life he would be  the leader of the liberal party and the prime minister of Canada.     While Laurier was in office, he helped pass bill that gave French Canadians rights such as to vote, and keep their language, and beliefs. He also,  really wanted to develop the  country by building railroads, and cities, so he started by trying to get people to move to West Canada. After that, he encouraged lots of people to immigrate to the West. Then, he thought to build a  railroad and ordered it to be built. The railroad was called  the Canadian Northern Railway. A big part of Laurier’s life was when he led Alberta and Saskatchewan to confederation. In 1905, he made the two provinces and, it was something big to a lot of people.  This got tons  of people moving to Alberta and Saskatchewan for a new life in Canada and a new  province.      Sir Wilfrid Laurier  was a man of great knowledge who wanted to get stuff done. For his time, he was very educated  being a lawyer, and a journalist, is something that  is so big for most people. But not for Laurier, he had to top it off by being a politician and the prime minister of Canada for three terms straight and,making Alberta and Saskatchewan what they are today. But, him being the big politician must have some people who disagree  with him by saying that he only cared for the french Canadians. I think that if he did not help the french Quebec would not  speak english unlike it does  today.     Laurier was a smart person  who did more work than most people do in two life times. As the saying  goes, “if you can imagine, you can do anything no matter what.” He helped get the French Canadians their rights  and made Canada what it is today by building railroads, and leading the liberal  party. He also helped  Alberta and Saskatchewan to become part of Canada during confederation in 1905.  Sir Wilfrid Laurier was our prime minister  from 1896-1911 and died on February 17 1919..

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