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sun is the only star of our solar system located at center of our galaxy.
Energy from the sun is from of radiation which supports almost all life on
earth via Photosynthesis and responsible for earths climatic condition. But
only few areas receive direct beam radiation from the sun. Basically, all the
forms of energy in the world as we know it are solar in origin. Oil, Coal
Natural Gas and Wood were originally produced by Photosynthetic processes then
under went through many chemical reactions. The suns energy has been used by
every living entity and nature throughout time in past, for example growing
food, drying cloths, heating buildings, Producing electricity. Now a day’s
production of electricity plays an important in human kind. Almost every need
of human depends on electricity. Developing countries like India has lot of use
on it. To reach daily requirements of present day, production of electricity
from various renewable sources should become more and more as production from
fossil fuels are going to reduce. Sun has the potential to produce more electricity
but has only limited potential sites all over the world.

      So, site
selection plays an important role for installation of any kind of solar thermal
power plant, good site selection can increase the overall efficiency of plant and
help to choose suitable type of technology must use them for better outcomes. Solar
thermal power plant consists of two technologies: concentrating type and
non-concentrating type, both operate on different working conditions.









As world population is increasing day-by-day,
demand for electricity also increase with enormous rate, power generation from
renewable sources of energy is more common like power generation from
hydroelectricity in mountain areas, and power generation from fossil fuels are
in demand and the major cause of greenhouses gases. In past many years’ power generation
industries install many power plants and transmission system to match the daily
increase in electricity demand by human population. And good working sites for
new power plants are became limited day by day, due to many mining activities, environmental
concerns and development of Rurales areas.

A proper and suitable site selection for
any power plant plays a crucial role in their performance, efficiency,
electricity cost, effect on environment, distribution and transmission systems.
Hence installation of new power plants on a suitable location / site is an
important as pact for many environmental and technical factors. GIS (geographical
Information System) plays a crucial role in site selection for solar thermal
power plants, it uses a decision-making tool which uses many data combination
layers by water resources, electric network availability and more. This case
study deals with the site selection for solar thermal power plant (both
concentrating and non-concentrating type), which site is suitable for which
type of plant technology.





factors for site selection


Suitable site selection for solar thermal
power plant is important for its efficiency and many other factors came in role
during the installation of plant. It is never possible to get all desirable
working condition and all components under a single roof but getting as maximum
as possible by proper site selection.

There are many factors that needed in
account while selecting a site for power plant are given below.

It provides information about the effect of elevation on the production
efficiency, higher the elevation lowers the efficiency and lower the elevation
higher the efficiency. Slope and elevation parameters needed to be considered.

Solid foundation is necessary for the construction of any plant, that should bear
the weight and the vibrations of plant. Stronger the foundation longer the
plant life.

and Geological factors: this factor further
limits the suitable site for power plant, because plant site should always away
or not in the earthquake zone. A slight influence or vibration 0f earthquake can
damage many parts in plants and disturb entire power cycle (generation,
transmission and distribution).

and flood-ways: the power plant must be fine
distance from the bank of any lasting and cyclical rivers.

resources: availability of natural or manmade water
resource near the plant is important for their construction and for their
operation as well. So, it is very necessary for site selector, to choose a site
which have suitable amount of water near plant.


 due to the development of many rural societies
and limited land handiness for national parks and wildlife, priority is provided
to the location. Because for construction and for operation of power plant a
large unused land is required, if a great site is concurred by any civilization
or any wind life so they need to be shifted on other well-suited location for
their survival.


there are so many harmful gases and waste is emitted by working power plant. So,
it is necessary that the site should be at finite distance from any mankind society.


for power:
from above, also site should not far away from the needed land, that will
increase the losses and cost during transmission the distribution of


cover: many land such as agriculture land are subtler towards the emission occurred
by power plant. So, the over these land cover must be counted.


Area size: first, before any analysis,
the minimal land needed for construction is considered. Rest analysis happen


Distance from airports:  generally, power plant has huge chimneys and
towers and bulk amount of gases. So, for security point of views, plant must be
settled away from the airport.


Archaeological and historical sites: generally,
archaeological and historical sites ate delicate and precious as well, they can
be damaged by the vibrations produced by power plant. So, must be at suitable
distance from them.


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