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Skinny always looks great whether it is some jeans or a figure, but skinny hair, not good at all. But the reality is many of us girls have to cope up with thin and fine hair and they do exists. There may be many factors that contribute towards thin hair, be it heredity, hormones, or age. People do lot of tricks to make their fine and thin hair look heavy and volumized but most of the tricks fail.

Presenting to you a number of tried and tested tricks which are advised by expert hair professionals and are proved to make your hair look thick.

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Change your part

Changing the partition that you usually adopt for your hair styling may increase your hair volume at the crown area to a considerable level. May be the part you were using until now had given your hair a sticky look and changing parts may change your overall look.


Back combing your hair with a thin tail comb gives your hair a considerable volume but it also produces such tangles that are a nightmare to remove. So instead of using a thin tail comb, use a big thick brush and give soft back brushing to your hair at the roots.

Blow dry your hair

Flip your hair upside down and then blow dry your hair to give them a volume. When you do this, your roots automatically lift your hair. Dry your hair by this method and then in the end use a round brush to do the final smoothing. Finish up the hair ends with a flat iron to give your hair a straight with volume look.

Use roots boosters

Root boosters act as a friend for your hair. They provide the structure and support for any lift you create with your hairstyles and make the hairstyle last long the whole day. Look for a thin hair root booster and then apply it all over your head, specifically on the roots area.

Bushing wet hair

Try to rush your hair only when your hair is completely dry. Brushing wet hair causes more hair breakage and also gives your hair a sticky look. Brushing dry hair gives your hair a good volume.

Cut the heat

Use minimum heat for your hair. Heat can make your thin hair dry and brittle which can lead t more hair breakage. If you are using a straightener, try to use it at the minimum heat and for smaller periods of time.

Use hair volume spray

If you don’t have time to style your hair and you have to go to a party, and the tragedy is you have fine hair.  Then try a hair volume spray. You don’t even need to wash and dry your hair if you use a good quality volume spray. You can have your desired look in no time.

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