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Slang has become an integral part of the English language spoken in non-English speaking countries. It has been incorporated in English language. Due to its informal and casual style, people find it convenient to communicate through appreviations and misspells rather than using correct spellings as it is quite cumbersome task for them to reuse the correct spelling and speak English with its idealistic notion. With the advancement of science technology audio communication and texting has become a trend of 21st century, and slang is an integral part of texting around 2.5 billion text messages are sent per day that are seriously influence by slang vocabulary and is seriously damaging language literacy skills. The content, structure, grammar and punctuation of such messages is a serious threat to the English language. It also reflects the lack of vocabulary of the messenger who is totally unable to express his actual idea. English language and its richness, that has been attributed to great thinkers and literary figures like Shaw, Shakespeare, Shaw Milton and many more, has undergone deterioration in today’s time as slang.

The main idea is not just to convey the teenage but it reflects laziness and lethargy of the user to develop this language literary skills. The use of slang reflects the historical, social and regional impact pointing to the evolution of Englishw language and usage of slang in thought to be something creative in this context as it a universal mode of communication commonly excepted by a social group or cultural group.

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Slang has basic motive as “expression of thought” which are any how expressed and the message is convey to the receiver. Slang is at times a boon in the odd circumstances when someone is not fluent in English and still using to convey messages in the hours of urgency. So, SMS and texting facilitate this idea.

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