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morning, My name is do?u kaan bu?ra Özyi?it. I would like to talk to you today
about energy types. Nuclear energy vs renewable energy. This presentation
should only ten minutes.

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I have
divided my presentation into five sections. They are firstly, World
Energy Consumption, secondly, what is nuclear energy, thirdly what is renewable
energy and types of renewable energy sources. Then, Nuclear Energy vs.
Renewable Energy, and finally the risk of nuclear energy.


Lets start with world energy consumption.

In these
days everything around us consuming energy, from the high technology devices to
lightning bulb, we need energy. With developing technology energy need is


In that
chart you can see the past and projected world energy use.

energy sources have emerged to supply the increasing energy consumption of the
world. In the 2016 us energy administration did a research about energy
consumption by resource.

In the
chart, nuclear energy usage is 9 percent and renewable energy usage is ten
percent and renewable energy sources including geothermal, solar, wind, biomass
waste, biofuels, wood and hydroelectric. That chart brings me to that question.
What is nuclear energy?



energy is energy inside the atoms. Atoms are tiny particles.and everything in
the world is made up of atoms.. There is great energy in the atoms. After
releasing the energy inside the atoms, This energy could be use for
electricity. There is two ways to release it: nuclear fusion and nuclear
fission. In nuclear fusion, energy is released when atoms are combined and form
a larger atom. This is how the sun produces energy. Second one is nuclear
fission which is nuclear plants use to produce electricity, atoms are split
apart to form smaller atoms, releasing energy. (Gerekirse video koy anlatma)












On the
other hand we need to look at renewable energy sources.

. They basically turn wasted sun energy to usable energy. To
turn this energy to usable energy some useful tools have been developed. They

Solar energy

Wind turbines

Ocean energy

Hydroelectric power



Geothermal energy


Now, we basicly know about both nuclear energy and renewable
energy. Now we come to


Nuclear vs renewable energy

In this slight we will compare nuclear energy and renewable

First one is Nuclear reactors are reliable.

They can work %90 of the time when they are operated. Most
nuclear reactors are designed to operate for more than 40 years. On the other
hand in the renewable energies, Solar cells need to sun to produce energy or
wind turbines need wind to produce energy. They need something to produce
energy. Also their operating life-time is approximately 20 years. Half of
nuclear reactor!


Second one is No greenhouse gas emissions

In these days our world trouble with
greenhouse gas emissons. Countries are making arrangement to minimize green
house gas emissions. Nuclear reactors emit zero greenhouse gasses. One research
showed that biomass based electricity might cause a 3% greater increase in
carbon emissions than equivalent power from coal by 2050.


Third one is Nuclear energy is compact

A nuclear power plants needs smaller area than Wind turbines,
solar cells, and growing biomass. All renewable resources need huge lands. You
can see in the pictures. When the nuclear plants covers just a football
stadium, solar plants can be seen from the space


Also cost of the resources is very important for the usage of the energy.
Low price energy sources are preferable for people. In the graphic we can see
that nuclear energy cost is lower than renewable energy sources like biomass,
geothermal, hydro, wind and solar. That means nuclear energy is more preferable.




The final
one is risk of nuclear energy.

In Three
Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Japan Some disasters were happened in the past and
this disasters are still confused our mind about nuclear energy. They were
horrible and we just cant change our perception to nuclear energy. But
developers take lessons from this disasters and they build safer nuclear
plants. These new nuclear plants have self-fulling and it can manage itself
without external help. Based of recent findings, solar energy appears to have a
death rate of 0.44 deaths per terawatt hour. Nuclear energy appears to have a
death rate of only 0.04 deaths per terawatt hour. It means that  nuclear energy 11 times safer than solar
energy which is popular renewable energy source.

That brings
me to the end of my presentation. Let me just run over the key points again.  firstly, World Energy Consumption, secondly,
what is nuclear energy, thirdly what is renewable energy and types of renewable
energy sources. Then, Nuclear Energy vs. Renewable Energy, and finally the risk
of nuclear energy.

I would
like to leave you with the following idea. All the finding show that nuclear
energy is not risky as they told us. We should consider nuclear energy plants
for better future.  Thank you for your
listening. You can ask any question without hesitation.



















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