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So you are in a relationship
right now; the question is, is your man bold enough for commitments? When you
reached the age of 40 dates becomes challenging. Whether you do it online or
real-time it still entails effort, time, and money that usually drain your
emotions as well as your energy. At the end of the day, you are left enervated
and devastated. Nevertheless, it’s not a hopeless case, if you’re lucky enough
you can summon the man of your dreams. Communication will be established and
eventually make you fall in love with him only to realize that he hates
commitment. If, that’s the case you need to read to know what makes men afraid
of commitment.

There are plenty of Fish in the Sea…and He’s a

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Commitment per se has a very positive denotation, but there
are some issues that repel men to go all-in. Take for instance, when a man is
already committed, automatically he will lose his freedom to go out dating with
other women. More often than not male species are bigamous, for as long as they
have the opportunity they will grab it; for that, commitment really scares

There Is/Was Someone Else

Another reason why men are frightened to commit is their
past issues with other girls which are not resolved.  When a man always talks about his past, including
his bitterness with his ex then watch out. 
It serves as a red flag for your relationship status as it may be a sign
he does not want any commitment at all. Either he is still longing for his ex
or his bitterness is so intense that commitment is no longer in his vocabulary.

of us have past relationship; good or bad, happy or sad. But it has to be kept in
its rightful place – THE PAST. Many aspiring women take it as an enormous challenge
to go out dating a widower because they think that this widower has a hard time
moving on. Notwithstanding, what they do not know is that widower can be a
great lover especially if they are past their grieving stage.  

He Has Other Priorities

Goals and Ambition are another stumbling block for men to
commit. Some guys are hungry for success, and they are ambitious and driven.
Having a relationship is already a distraction from his goal how much more if
he is committed. This is why he takes the exclusive relationship as a nuisance
that would hinder him to achieve his ambition.

A successful life is not just finding a partner in life.
Family, profession, friends, hobbies, religion, etc. are essential for a
healthy and balanced life. Nevertheless, possessing all of these makes some
guys already complete and thus prefer to keep them than having a commitment to
someone else. Hence, settling down doesn’t ring a bell temporarily; although
there are some men who opt to remain single for the rest of their lives. That’s
actually a sign you must watch out before you get into a relationship.

So, if you are going on a date with a man who is afraid of
commitment because of his goals and ambitions, then better cut that
relationship off. Stop chasing a man who is afraid of commitment. You can never
expect from him to commit to your relationship. Alternatively, know your
self-worth and values as a woman with confidence and dignity. If your man is
still frightened for commitment then use this all time favorite line “NEXT”! It
is the only solution to find the person who will stand by your side through
thick or thin.


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