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     Soaked in red, the entire paper was soaked
in blood. An assignment just finished and handed in but yesterday was returned
to the pupil filled with cherry stains. An assignment that now lay as a
battlefield saturated in crimson. The hopes of the student and an “A” suddenly
razed at the scene; all expected rewards instantly flattened by the sight of
that tarnished scarlet color caked on a paper once so clean. The paper awash
with strokes on every line, every sentence marked for: grammar, structure,
run-ons, “tisk” all over the place, and at every spot the dreaded SS. Yes that
SS, the Gestapo, Nazi Germany’s secret killers now making a fine work into
nothing but blood stains.

     Mistakes surly, an error of some kind,
student now asks, “What could have been better?” Teacher laughs; an evil, dark
and sinister cackle comes from his or her mouth. The teacher grows amused by
the student, whose efforts at peace are in vain. The battle will be for a year
fought on paper; the pen mightier than the sword.

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     Effort repeated: new assignment. Unfazed
student has retried. Effort is renewed to a new assignment, each is a fresh
start and each with new energy, yet will this stop the murder of a page? The
best of work from the student, as done on this paper, will hopefully bring a
“yes.” Unfazed, teacher does what is now unsurprising: red, crimson, scarlet,
ruby and cherry on a once fresh sheet. Stained! Forever stained, another paper
for the records.

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