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Social Classes are used all around the world. For instance in the book Ancient China inside out by Kelly Spence it shows how China has social classes. For instance the Social Classes In China “include the educated class which is occupied by scholars and political leaders. Next, Farmers came about and are part of the Nong Social Class. After that were the Gong which were craftsman. Lastly, at the bottom of the Social Classes are the Shang which were occupied by traders and merchants”. China is just one of the many countries , Cities , and States  which have social classes. This shows that even Ancient Civilizations used Social Classes too! Similarly this also  shows how effective Social Classes can be on a society based on how many people use it. Furthermore on another website it states New Spain’s Social Classes. “These Social Classes Include Peninsulares, Colliers , Insulares , Mestizos, Indios , Mulatos and Negros. Peninsulares are in the highest rank and they consist of government officials. Next Colliers are very rich and highly educated. After that the Insulares are basically Immigrants that are Spaniard. The Indios were basically assistants of the Spaniards usually known as Slaves or Servants”. You can now see that Spain is also using Social Classes. From this information you can clearly see that Spain is just one of the many civilizations in which use Social Classes to keep their societies in order in an effective way by not harming them. Lastly one more society  that uses Social Classes is the United States of America. On Spark it states USA´s Social Classes which include Upper Class, New Money , Middle Class , Working class , Working poor , and poverty level. Upper class is mostly inherited money from the family.  New Money is wealth that has only been around for a very short time.  Middle Class  earn their money by working at what could be called professional jobs. They probably have college educations, or at least have attended college. These pieces of evidence show how Social Classes are used all around the world by different states , civilizations , countries , and cities. The reason that Social Classes are used all around the world is because they are effective in many ways! Another reason Social Classes are inevitable is because they help keep things organized. In an Article called Animal Social Hierarchy , it talks about how Animals use Social Classes to keep themselves organized and safe.  In the Article on the site, it states ” basic dominance hierarchy has an alpha male or a pair of males at the topmost position, which are sole breeders within the group. The Beta males come second in line and they cooperate the alphas. The lower classes are referred to as the deltas and gammas”. This shows that animals use their Social Hierarchy to keep their respective order in line. Similarly animals also use Social Hierarchy to keep themselves safe in an organized way. Social Classes can also be used in stores like Walmart. The Social Classes of Walmart include Above Store Managers, Senior Vice President, Senior Vice President, Market managers, In-Store Managers, General Manager, Co-Manager, Assistant Manager, In-Store Hourly Workers, Support Manager, Customer Service Supervisors, Cashiers and Sales Associates, and Stockers. Walmart uses Social Classes to be productive by dividing their people to do certain jobs at certain times. By this, they can have lots of stock up on the shelves so that people can buy it. This affects the way they make money in a very effective way by keeping things in order. In addition, Many people use Social Classes to help keep their Energy at home at a steady and good  level. This is done by having Social Classes in Energy Management. Many governments use this system because they depend on Energy and need a good system to save their energy. By doing this it shows how governments can use Social Classes in a good way by organizing their Energy to conserve it. This shows that by saving and organizing using Social Classes you can save and conserve for later!One more reason Social Classes are inevitable is because they are used in almost every single business today. For instance one huge business that has Social Classes is Apple. I know this because in the article Apple Management Hierarchy  it states the Social Classes in Apple which include “Chief Executive Officer , Senior Vice President, Chief Design Officer , Senior Vice President , and Chief Operating Officer”.

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