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Some initial costs may be encountered in the establishment of specific peace stations. In addition, there may be costs associated with training, as they ensure that joiners can act as experts in their respective fields. This may require a short period of activity or even a halt in production in their quest to get workers more quickly. However, the benefits seem to outweigh these initial costs. The company will be able to handle more volume and can make much better use of its current resources. Orders would have a better chance of being completed on time, and waste disposal would allow for more competitive quotations. Ultimately, this would put the company in a more competitive position to win the business and become more profitable.Dean Hammond should sell this idea to the carpenter’s manager in the second stage, the point at which the orders are to be allocated to the workers. This is where the greatest effect can be in terms of production time, once the “rhythm” is found solid after implementation, the gains naturally return to the first stage of appreciation and quotation. Dean Hammond can sell this idea to internal stakeholders such as carpenter manager and production workers by focusing on the benefits of efficiency. Each worker will be more productive and more able to produce work within the estimated time limits. There will also be less time and effort spent mixing large and cumbersome pieces of wood throughout the warehouse, making this task easier for each individual carpenter. By combining these benefits, Dean Hammond has a strong case that B & B can become a more flexible and profitable company, providing a financially more financially viable place for internal stakeholders to connect home.This cell will be proposed for stairs alone. Extracellular work requires two separate carpenters with the ability to complete other products such as doors and windows. Since the demand for these products is not as large as for stairs, the existing methods can continue to date. However, if the cell model works well for the stairs, it can later be applied to the production of other elements.Distinguished elements such as school uniform and machine tools can be an effective means of identifying separate departments and processes. This can eliminate confusion and encouragejoiners to stay within their regions. However, Dean Hammond must be careful about both inside and outside the cell staff do not feel marginalized in any way. Many carpenters enjoy a variety of different product types, he will have to convey the need for carpenters to be team players, focusing on personal rewards that will go along with more financial health of the B & B.The creation of a ladder cell and the additional training of inexperienced cell workers will cause the initial costs of B & B. Capital expenditures always carry some risks, but in this sense, they can be considered a very sound investment. Internally, the company also faces the risk that switching to a cell system will not be well received by workers. Experienced workers can interact negatively and resign, leaving a knowledge gap that is difficult to replace. Mobility can be allowed by allowing workers to participate, if necessary, using a modest monetary incentive. Finally, the B & B Hotel faces the external threat that the stairway slows down. If this happens, investment in B & B can struggle to achieve a return at the same rate as in a growing market.

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