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Sooner or Later men leave good women behind in a relationship.

Why do sane men abandon respectable women behind in their relationship? Inherently, most people believe in the “Happily Ever After” love drama. Even you believe in true love that you heard in fairy tales. Like you, we do believe in that as well. It is essential to keep that hopeless romantic part on you, despite how painful reality is.

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You may be wondering why even if a girl seems so ideal, yet her man still leaves her. It’s quite obscure to understand. Be that as it may, there are so many examples of those cases all over the globe. Almost all men have a seemingly flawless girlfriend, but in the end they will just desert her. As a consequence, we jump up with a conclusion that men are unreasonable for leaving their perfect women. But there are underlying reasons for this action. Read on to comprehend the 3 reasons why men leave virtuous women.

Let it be known that fine or good women are just a buzzword so to begin with. By saying good women, this pertains that these women adheres to the norms and standards of society. They are the caring, loving, soft-spoken and docile type of women. Honestly, these types of women are so conventional. But what really makes a man turn his back from a desirable woman?


#1.  Normally fine women beleaguered men.

Just like the rule of the thumb, “You will reap what you sow”; thus, flawless women normally assume that  their men are equally perfect. If you were able to watch Desperate Housewives, you surely know Bree. She is an example of a typical perfect wife who imposes too much on his man. Don’t ever emulate her. 

    #2. You don’t act as lovers; instead, you compete in your relations.

In most cases, a competent woman claims that she is constantly right. She always makes it a point that her man realize that he is inevitably at fault. You can never muster support in such kind of relationship. Consequently, it serves as another reason why men leave good women.

#3. Men always feel unloved and disrespectful in their relationship with magnificent women.

Having a good woman in a relationship makes a man an infidel. Conceivably, it is the fact that their women are virtuous and eager to forgive and forget. This reason is actually in connection with the second. Normally, women who overpower man in their competition usually lose their respect of their man.

Now you know the reasons why being perfect or a fine woman does not guarantee that your man will not leave you. Just a piece of advice, do not try to become perfect, just be yourself. Do not try to act and adhere to the demands of society. Being you, just the way you are might be the perfect woman; a man is looking for.


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