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Spatial targets of linguistic manipulation. The recipients’ spatial perception has an anthropocentric character. It is oriented relative to the coordinate system which has a natural vertical position of a human being as a baseline point. Thus, the spatial coordinate system is conceived as something high or low for human beings (everything which is kind and generous is comprehended as being high – e.g. high aims; everything which is base and mean – as being low – e.g. low tricks); events which are going to happen in future are perceived as those being in front; direction to the right is considered to be honest and true (right roads); the top is perceived as culmination of some state (to be/sit on top of the world), and the bottom as the symbolic place of failing and sins (to be at the bottom of the class).
“Nearly a quarter of the electorate took part, almost 17,000 people – that’s more than some council elections, and about a hundred times the number that turn up to the typical selection meeting. Changing the Conservative Party has been central to my leadership…
…and central to that has been changing who we are, what we look like, where we come from” /David Cameron, Labour are trying to rewrite economic history, 16 September 2009.

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