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Splurge lives in a hole at the bottom of the lake of tears. He is the god of mud because he loves how mud looks. If he wants to, he can make all the mud rise up and attack his enemies. He can also see the future. Nyra is the goddess of earth’s beauty. Her power is that she is able to control how a landscape looks. EX. Beautiful/Ugly. Zeus, Athena, and Poseidon are all Greek gods. Zeus is the god of the sky and the father of the gods of Olympus. Athena was the god of wisdom and battle. Poseiden was the god of the sea and was Zeus’s brother. Splurge loves the narcissist flower so much he would die for it. ****************** One day, Splurge crawled out of his home and paddled through the water, to the surface of the lake of tears, to the rock jutting out of the lake. He stretched as he crawled up the side of the twisted boulder, and perched at the top. He surveyed his surroundings, and smiled as he noticed a small blue flower poking up out of the mud on the shore. He slid into the water in one graceful movement, and paddled to shore. As he moved through the water, he heard a noise. It sounded like… singing! “I wonder who that is!” He said. He sloshed out of the water just as a beautiful girl stepped from the trees. The singing stopped. “Hello.” She said pleasantly. “Is this your home.” She asked. Splurge had never seen anyone so pretty.”Yes, this is my home.” Splurge said. “What’s your name?” Splurge asked. “I’m Nyra.” She said. “Yours?” “Splurge. I’m Splurge.” Nyra giggled like a hyper three-year-old. “I love your name AND your home!” “Thanks! I love YOU!” He exclaimed. He immediately regretted it as her smile faded. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “Someone I loved said that once.” She said. “I never saw him again.” “I would never leave you.” Splurge told her. She smiled weakly. “It wasn’t that,” she said. “he was killed by the gods of Olympus!” She slumped against a nearby tree. “I miss him.” She said between sobs. “Don’t cry!” said Splurge as he tried to calm the weeping maiden. “I miss him!” Nyra wailed. “It’s all right! You can live with me here!” Exclaimed Spurge. The crying ceased immediately. “Really?” She said sniffling. “I’d love that!” Splurge pulled her off the tree, and dove into the water. A huge wave cascaded over Nyra’s head, soaking her to the bone. She shrieked happily and dove into the water, dunking Splurge under. He resurfaced, spewing a mouthful of water across the lake. The tiny droplets speckled the surface of the water, as the fair maiden Nyra teased the god of mud. “I love it here!” Nyra exclaimed excitedly. “So, do I, that’s why I chose to live here.” Splurge commented. “Mabey, we should have a kid!” Nyra suggested. “Sure!” Spurge said. So, a month passed and a young boy was born. “Hah! Miss me!” A young three-year-old boy named Jhona shouted as his parents chased him down the beach. “Mabey, we shouldn’t have gone on this vacation!” Nyra said over the giggles and shouts coming from the hyperactive child. “it’s fine!” Splurge said laughing. “Nothing’s going to happen!” Just then, a thundering voice said: “QUIET THAT CHILD DOWN!!!” All noise immediately ceased. The birds stopped chirping, the monkeys stopped goofing off, the forest went dead silent. “Who are you?!” Splurge yelled in reply. ” I AM ZEUS, AND YOUR CHILD IS EXTREMELY ANNOYING!! SOME PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO HAVE A NAP!! ” Zeus stepped from the sky and frowned down at Splurge and Nyra. The young maiden suddenly started weeping uncontrollably. “What’s wrong honey?” Splurge said kneeling next to the crying woman. “He is the god that ordered the killing of my ex-boyfriend!” Splurge looked up at Zeus. “Is this true?” Zeus nodded affirmative. “YES. IT IS TRUE. AND NOW I WILL KILL YOU!” Zeus said. He raised a humongous foot, and prepared to squash the family cowering on the beach. “STOP!!!” yelled another very deep voice. A head suddenly poked up out of the water. “Poseidon! Help!” Screamed Splurge from the dark shadow of the colossal god. “THERE WILL BE NO PEOPLE CRUSHIN’ ON MY BEACHES!” Poseidon yelled angrily. “There will be no people crushin’ anywhere!” Said a new voice in a mock expression of Poseidon. Athena descended gracefully from the clouds, and landed gently on the beach. “Get away from them, Zeus.” Athena said gently but firmly. “Allright, I’ll go.” Zeus launched himself up into air and disappeared into the clouds, and Poseidon’s head disappeared into the water. “Thank you SO much!!! We will never forget you! Is there anything I can do to repay you?” Gushed Nyra. “Well…there is one thing…Can I join you on your walk?” Athena said. “Of course!!!” Nyra and Splurge said together. They both ran for the nearest tree to knock on it. Splurge tripped over a piece of drift wood, scrambled to his knees, knocked on it, and said: “Jinx! Knock on wood!” They were all laughing and joking around, when Jhona spoke up: “Daddy? Can we go home now?” “Yes, of course, son. But we better move fast, because my future seeing powers are sensing if we wait any longer a certain Greek god will steal our ship!” Said splurge. “Who daddy?” Asked Jhona. “Why Zeus of course!” Splurge said. And they walked back to the airship that brought them to the island. Back in the ship they said good bye to Athena, and climbed into the airplane. Inside the cockpit, Splurge flicked a couple of switches, pushed a couple of buttons, and started flying home. After a while, Splurge set the plane on autopilot, and went back with his family to enjoy the flight home. When they reached their home, they swam back down to the bottom of the lake and went to sleep. The next day, they woke up and relaxed on the muddy beach. “Do you think we should give this vacation thing another try?” Asked Nyra as Jhona rolled in the mud. “I think we should just relax for a while, before we go galivanting off anywhere again.” Splurge replied. “I agree! I was just asking to get a second opinion.” She said. “I AGREE WITH YOU BOTH! DON’T GO ANYWHERE WITH THAT DISRUPTIVE CHILD!” Zeus joked. “YOU don’t go anywhere with that disruptive attitude!” Splurge shot right back at him laughing. “WHAT DID YOU CALL MY ATTITUDE?!” Zeus asked angrily. “Disruptive!” Said Splurge laughing. “Stop!” Nyra warned splurge. “He’s getting mad!” Splurge didn’t stop. “I called it disruptive!” Splurge shouted. All of a sudden Zeus’s giant foot came shooting toward Splurge, as fast as lightning. Zeus’s foot struck Splurge like a cannonball. He hurtled through the sky for eight days and eight nights. He eventually came to rest on the island his family were on for vacation. He spent four months on the island, worshipping Athena, begging her to come down and save him. When she finally did come, she hadn’t aged a bit. She lifted up Splurge, and flew him home. When they got there, he found the deep blue narcissists flower missing and little blue specks and stains on Jhona’s face. Splurge howled with rage and flung a huge log at the small child. The giant hunk of wood smashed the boy’s face off. The lifeless body slumped to the ground, pouring blood into the lake. “Why did you do that?!” Nyra screamed. “He destroyed my narcissist flower.” He growled. “That was ME! I picked it for a buke! He was eating blueberries!” Nyra exclaimed. Splurge screamed and flew at Nyra, attacking her viciously. He grabbed her arm and spun her around and flung her as far as she could, watching her disappear into the distance. Splurge crawled back into the blood red lake, and swam to his hole in the rock, and went to sleep, destined to live alone forever. START THE STORY OVER AGAIN!!!!!

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