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Starting a brand new business can be challenging and risk at the beginning. It’s important to consider yourself that you are confident enough to start a business. Yes, at some point I had an idea for a business that would make a life easier and better. In general, I can say that I am one of the organized and a self-motivated person. I always look forward to create something from new. And the idea for a business that I had is creating an app called Budget Planner.
Especially when you are a student and living on your own, you need to track your monthly budget so that you could manage your money effectively. As from my experience on the daily basis, I write down every small expense on a note so that I could make a budget planner where I can calculate and organize the bills for school, groceries, utilities, clothes etc. Following this routine on a daily basis can be hectic and time-consuming. Creating an app like budget planner could help to combine our income and expenses about how much money we are spending on a particular item in a day, week or a month. Life is uncertain and we cannot predict anything bad that could create a problem in our life. It could cut off improvident expenditure, for example, everyday shopping, eating unnecessary food items etc. The ultimate goal of this app is to save money from the expenses for future plans and emergencies, where you can keep track on what your spending through pie chart or bar graphs, practicing conscious spending, creating budgets that could really work and finally syncing and sharing with other like for example, if you are living with roommates and you need to share and divide how much you spend on groceries and monthly rents. This app plays a vital role to understand or spending habits accordingly. Hence, we can say that this app could help our friends, family and, community to make our life better and easier.

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