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off Poe’s writings of the trio is “The Cask of Amontillado” which
exhibits symbolism and irony throughout
the story excessively that creates a dark tone that Poe is famous for. The
story is short which themes revolve around revenge and pride on two men:
Montresor, who is the narrator of the story who wants revenge on the second
character Fortunato who is prideful on being a connoisseur and has supposedly
insulted him repeatedly and gets his revenge by burying him in the catacombs.
The story from the very beginning already shows the concept of irony with the
character name of Fortunato which means “good fortune” were at the end of the
story is showing the complete opposite of that. The setting of the story also
proves to be very ironic as well; where there is a carnival occurring and is a
place the reader would assume to be a time for celebration and joy for both
characters. Instead, this is a setting where revenge, death, and ill intentions
surround the background of the celebration. 
From the beginning, the readers can tell what kind of story this is by
the first line “THE thousand injuries
of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon insult I
vowed revenge.” (Poe 1846) from this line, the readers view conflicting mood of
the main story with the backdrop as the scene plays out more and more is
explained. The mood of the story helps support this by how both characters move
farther away from the celebration into
the dampness and cold catacombs where Fortunato will meet his end. The use of
irony used throughout the poem may reflect Poe’s own past where every woman he
truly loved died creating some influence on the short story.

        Symbolism also plays an important
factory in this work where it may take some time to find, even rereading some
of the lines repeatedly. The earliest one that can be seen is Montresor’s
Costume “putting on a mask of
black silk and drawing a roquelaire closely about my person, I suffered him to
hurry me to my palazzo” (Poe 1846) this would imply Montresor performing a dark
deed. Another use of symbolism used is Montresor’s family’s coat of arms, where
it is a foot crushing a snake where the foot and snake represent Montresor and
Fortunato respectively. The characters themselves can be seen as a use of
symbolism to Edgar Allen Poe himself where Montresor represented his
misfortunate life that he experienced repeatedly while Fortunato who was a wine
expert, represents Poe’s Alcoholic tendencies or even his own father who had
abandoned himself and his mother and in the end, wants revenge on him.

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